Rockford Scanner™: Phone Stolen Near The Trampoline Park in Cherry Valley


Destiny sent us the following:
“My moms phone was stolen at the trampoline park around 2:00 today out of her car, it is a Samsung galaxy 7 and it had a black rubber case on it that is see through on the back, just trying to get the phone returned. Contact allen hall 8155091561 if found, it was taken at gar trampoline park in cherryvale by the mall around 2:30 and i called it and a guy answered and was talking to someone then hung up and turned the phone off.”



Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Stolen Last Night In The Winnebago County Area

Corey A.  said:
STOLEN last night: ” Keep an eye out guys. This was stolen from my house last night. 2016 or 17 Husqvarna fc450 with Baja designs kit and Arizona plates.” Described as fluorescent yellow front fender and rear fender, frame is white. FMF exhaust carbon fiber tip. 

If you see it, call the police


Rockford Scanner™: Wallet Stolen At A Loves Park Business

RS Fan Beth:
I know that this is a long shot but someone stole my wallet today at schnucks on Harlem.
I lost my son last July and one of my most favorite pictures of him was in it. Along with all my other stuff. Including my rent money.
I just want the picture back.
If you could maybe post something about it I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a ton!
Beth Hamilton

If found ~


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Lost Their Wallet, Have You Seen It?

RS Source Claudia sent us the following in reference to her father losing his wallet.

It happened around 4 pm on March 21st 2019  at the red lobster. The wallet is described as a brown leather wallet and contains very important documents including his driver’s license and Social Security number and the green card.

if you locate the wallet she is asking that you please return it to the address on the driver’s license, no questions asked.


Rockford Scanner™: Lost Ring, Anyone With A Metal Detector Able To Help Her?

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Someone with a metal detector able to help her?

RS Fan Hannah Bates: I was wondering if you could post something for me. My husband and I went to Olive Garden last night and when we were leaving ( around 10pm )

I dusted the snow off our vehicle and I shock my hand and me ring flew off and bounced off the vehicle into the snow some where is the parking lot.

We spend like half an hour looking for it and couldn’t find it. It is actually my grandma’s ring from out west.

We were parked on the west side in the row of parking spots closest to the building like 4 or five spots south.

if anyone happens to find it I’d really appreciate it returned it’s adjustable with 2 ovals on the ends, one of the ovals has a turquoise stone on it.

I doubt anyone will find it since it snowed and they will probably plow the lot tonight but worth a try

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