Grinch Strikes The Rockton Area


From the RPD:
We are investigating reports of criminal damage that occurred between 11/25/16 and 11/29/16 at Village Green Park and Settlers Park.

The damaged property consisted of Christmas lights and holiday displays at Village Green Park and spindles and decorative lighting of the gazebo at Settlers Park.


More Windows Shattered In The Rolling Green Neighborhood



Naomi Cook: “Wanted to share that multiple cars, approximately 4-5 back windows were busted out on Eastridge Drive in Rockford IL. The police don’t seem to want to do much about it.”

Renee Ellson contacted us and said: “Someone threw a rock through my husbands windshield last night, apparently there has been several of these call since last night. We are in the Rolling Green Neighborhood”

Note: There have been several fans in the Rolling Green Neighborhood, reporting the same thing.  Also in the areas of the Whitman st bridge and also on W Riverside.

Shots Fired After An Altercation At A Loves Park Bar



On 11/13/16 around 0150 hours Officers met with the Victims of an Aggravated Discharge of Firearm at their residence.  Officers spoke to the victims who stated the incident occurred around midnight at the intersection of Reid Farm Rd and Villagreen.

The Victims explained to the Officers that they were at Jacks(Jax) Pub in Loves Park when they got into a verbal argument with the Suspect.

The Suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at them. The victims left in their vehicle and the Suspect followed them in his vehicle to the intersection of Reid Farm Rd and Villagreen when the Suspect fired 3 to 4 shots at the victim’s car striking it two times on the driver side doors.

Then Victims then returned to their residence where they called the police.  There was no injury to the Victim’s.

The Victims described the Suspect as a white male, 180 lbs, unshaven, short hair in his early 20’s driving a dark newer 4 door sedan.



Police Seeking Your Help, Searching For Paintball Shooting Suspects


From the BPD:
We need your help right away Beloit.
Folks driving this SUV possibly a beige/Tan/gold Jimmy or Chevy Blazer have been firing paintballs at people tonight. They have hit a couple of different people, and we need to get in contact with them before any more serious injuries occur. One victim was struck in the face near the College. We are heading to a similar call on the West Side now. If you see the vehicle call in right away to 7572244. If you see them firing, call 911.
Sgt Flanagan


Beloit police Searching For Hooligans


From the Beloit PD: Beloit Police could use some help locating the hooligans who are damaging windows and spray painting graffiti through out the city….

If you have information call 608-757-2244 If you see someone committing the damage call 911 with the information
Your help is appreciated,
Sergeant Douglas

Follow-up to my earlier post…We now have a possible suspect vehicle committing some of the vandalism in our City. The vehicle appears to be a 2000’s Model Pontiac Grand Prix or Grand Am. The vehicle has a spoiler on the back.. If you have information regarding this vehicle or other crimes call 608-757-2244 to report.

Sergeant Douglas



Hit & Run And Shots Fired, Suspect Still On Loose. Possible Murder Suspect From Clock Tower Resort



Around 11:42 pm tonight (10/21/2016)  an officer said he just saw the suspect vehicle that is involved in the Clock Tower murder.  It was near Searles and Halsted.

Suspect vehicle is a Green Ford Explorer with a plate of 26252. (Temp. plate or partial) 

They lost sight of it near Pierce around 11:45 pm

Thanks to un-encrypted airwaves of Winnebago County, we were able to hear the suspect information.  The Rockford police still have yet to release the suspect information, and are encrypted.

Even though the RPD has yet to officially tell the public the suspect info from the Clock Tower murder. A broadcast came across the scanner in reference to a possible suspect.

It came across as an “Officer safety” info. and a hit and run. It happened near W State and Concord.

Then the suspect shot off a gun in the area of Corbin and Houghton
The plate on the vehicle comes back to a Green Ford SUV.

The suspect is described only as younger black male driver.

They said this is the possible suspect in Clock Tower Shooting

Sounds like they know who the suspect is, via this broadcast

Clock Tower murder ~




Suspects Chase Down Victims And Shoot At Them


RS Fan Faye  “Hey me and my friend were shot at and the police haven’t taken it seriously because it was just a suped up BB gun , we were chased down by two vehicles on a high speed chase trying to avoid being shot at and on the phone with 911, the dispatcher wanted us to pull over and park while we were being chased by two Cars with a total of nine people between the two while being shot at, we pulled into a church and they cornered us and we had to drive through the grass and over the curb to avoid physical harm, finally lost then going down alpine turning onto riverside and pulled into a Wendy’s where The cops arrived and we stepped out of the vehicle and I took my purse with me and we talked with the cops and I took a seat and set my purse next to me until it was my turn to talk to the police still in shock at how we were chased down and shot at with a suped up BB gun that did some pretty deep damage to the car I gave the officer my statement then sat in the car, I left my purse and it was stolen… I wanted to tell you all this in hopes you could make a post looking for my wallet.. it’s been a terrible day.”


RS Fans Reporting Suspects Shooting At Cars in Rockford

See it Send it


Glenda Melvin: Someone shooting pellet gun or air soft at passing cars by East High School. They hit my new car, passenger door. Waiting for police to call back to file a report.

Meghan Bolte: I would like to report that someone is shooting at cars on Newburg between Mulford and Alpine. My mom’s passenger window and another car were hit. This happened about a half hour ago.




Suspect Ram Officer With Vehicle After Commiting Retail Theft At The Mall


UPDATE: CRIME STOPPERS: Police believe two suspects are responsible for an October 10th theft at Sears inside the Cherryvale Mall. Police say the suspects fled in a green,4-door 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix with a sunroof and Illinois license plates P506151.

This afternoon officers were dispatched to the Cherryvale mall for a retail theft at Sears. the suspects rammed their vehicle into an officer (unknown on injuries) They have an aggravated battery to a police officer charge on them because of this. The suspects are two black males around 21 years old. They fled in a 1998 green grand am. They were last seen northbound on Perryville.

There are 4 squads, a patty wagon and an undercover. The side door of sears is police tapped off.




Multiple Vandalisms Reported Last Night


Sometime overnight on Sunday, October 9, unknown person or persons, vandalized a fence & mailboxes in the Central Park subdivision.
While officers don’t yet know if it’s related, Boone County Deputies found a Belvidere resident on a bicycle, just east of Central Park subdivision, at Orth & Olson Roads, on Monday morning at 4:30 AM. That person told officers that he had been kicked out of a party in the subdivision.
A second person on a bicycle rode away before officers got into the area, but the bicycle he was riding was found abandoned in the same area.
Anyone living in the Orth Road area, who had bicycles stolen overnight are asked to report the theft to police, so that it can be determined if these two people were involved in criminal activity in the area