Breaking News: Up to 4 shooting victims at a scene, Very close to Rockford Police HQ

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A 20-year-old male is now pronounced deceased, while at least two other adult males are being treated for non-life-threatening, but serious, gunshot wounds.

This is an active and ongoing investigation. Please continue to avoid the area.


Sources are reporting a major scene on Rockford Eastside.

It happened around 11 PM in the 1300 block of 10th St.

Reports of multiple gunshots were fired.

There are two confirm shooting victims, with the possibility up to four shooting victims.

We have been told that at least one of the victims possibly has life-threatening injuries but officials have not yet confirmed this.

Sources are reporting the local hospitals the victims went too, have went on lock down. 

Rockford police as confirm they are working in active shooting investigation and that’s the only information they  have released at this time.




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