About Rickie Traeger

Welcome to Rockford Scanner.  My name is Rickie Traeger. I am the owner/founder of Rockford Scanner.  I want to first off by saying THANK YOU for following Rockford Scanner! Much appreciated.

To get to know me more, I have a personal website.  I blog and post misc. stuff on there.  Kinda like my getaway spot.  My personal website is  Feel free to check it out and say hi. I try blogging on there daily, or as much as possible.

My hobbies: Obviously listening to the police scanner, photography, ham radio, aircraft, enjoying nature as much as possible, fishing, bike riding, enjoying time with family and friends, playing flight simulator.

I enjoy keeping the Rockford and surrounding areas informed.  An informed community is a safe community.  I try to keep the area informed as much as possible.  I have several people that help me out with Rockford Scanner.  This way the community is more informed.

I enjoy meeting and hearing from Rockford Scanner fans.  It is always nice meeting them in person or via email. I like hearing the feedback and how Rockford Scanner helps them with their daily routines and impacted their lives. Feel free to give me a shout and say hi!

You can check out “Rickie’s Corner” at  I post Rockford Scanner website updates on there. It is usually only updated, when changes have been made to Rockford Scanner website.

I want to send out a shout out to the heavens!  My grandpa and dad both were avid police scanner listeners.  Because of them, I literally grew up listening to the police scanner.  And because of that, I was able to create Rockford Scanner.  My grandpa and dad are chilling up in heaven looking down on us. I am sure the scanner is on up in the heavens as well.   R.I.P.  Anthony Traeger, William Slatton, Earl Traeger.  Miss you guys a lot, sending lots of love up to the heavens.

Remember to check out my personal website at