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About Rockford Scanner™

Update:  After doing Rockford Scanner for many years and seeing and experiencing many things. Mainly the censorship and bias in the local media and other places.  And the local media (Namely RRSTAR/Corrina Curry) trying to discredit us for telling the people the TRUTH.

It is now our goal at Rockford Scanner to put all our effort into bringing the people in and around the Rockford area, the real and uncensored truth of what really goes on in and around the Rockford area.  Bringing the people the real news and help keep people informed and safe.

We stopped counting how many times major crimes were going unreported in the local media. We would contact them and let them know about these major crimes (So they knew about them) and they still went unreported in the local media.

That is when we decided to focus our efforts on keeping our fans informed.
We have learned in doing this, has put a big target on our backs. Even to the extremes of being falsely arrested to try to discredit us.
I am comfortable knowing I have a big target on my back, knowing that when it is all said and done that I was able to be true to my heart and beliefs in keeping the citizens informed and safer. 

We are an official news outlet now. We have a DBA as Rockford Scanner and even a trademark. We are now an official news reporting agency.  

And the local police have encrypted the airwaves to hide things from the public. Our goal is to bring the community together and help keep everyone informed via community involvement. An informed community is a safer community.  CLICK HERE to read about why encryption is bad for the safety of the officers and the community

It was original goal to bring the scanner hobby back. That was our goal for many years. Now our focus is bringing the real truth of what happens in our area. Crimes, Events, Accidents, Fires, Etc…

Note: Every Freedom Of Information Act that we filed with the Rockford Police since the encryption, has been DENIED.

Rockford Scanner™ was started in 2009 by Rickie Traeger , because I wanted to bring back the scanner listening hobby back to the Rockford Area. Over the last few years, we noticed this hobby had declined and wanted to bring it back. I believe that the recent economy had a lot to do with this. So, one day I got an idea. That idea was to bring the scanner hobby back to the Rockford Area.

So, after a few months of doing research, we finally came up with because it is the Rockford area and I wanted to bring the scanner hobby back to the area, so seemed appropriate and easy to remember. So everything just fell in place.


The purpose of our website is to bring the hobby back. To educate and introduce the scanner to hobby to those who never heard of it. To keep the police scanner listening hobby active.

Our goals are to get new people introduced to this hobby and to bring back scanner hobbyist that grown out of interest, to get back interested in the hobby again.

If we can get one person to get involved in the scanner hobby, whether it’s someone new or an older hobbyist, our goal has been accomplished!



As Rockford Scanner developed we decided to post the stuff we heard on the scanner, to attract more people to the hobby. When we did, we rapidly grew. We are now officially a news/media website. And Rockford #1 News Source. Our site brings breaking news from the people of Rockford and surrounding areas, to the people!

“News For The People, By The People” 

We have also partnered up with the Winnebago County and several departments, with their Knock Out Crime program. (Read below)

We want to bring the information on what is going on around town to the public.
Information such as;

  • Crimes (So people know what is going on, Stay safe, Help combat crimes, etc…)
  • Events
  • Lost and Found Pets
  • Missing People and Items
  • Etc….


We are privately owned. We are just an average citizens that wants to bring the scanner listening hobby back and keeping the citizens informed and safe in the Rockford and surrounding areas.

We want to thank all of our visitors and we urge you to bookmark our website and make your homepage.

We are proud to say we are officially Trademarked, since 2016! 

We also have a FREE app on the Google Play Store!

Rockford Scanner has been featured nationwide. 

Many publications posted nationwide. Topics include: Breaking news, Josh Duggar, Safety Awareness, Celebrities, Events, etc…

✔ Been Featured on: Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WTVO, RRSTAR, C.A.R.E. Concerns About Radio Encryption, Q 98.5, WXRX, WIFR, WREX, Rock River Times,,

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We fully support our local law enforcement, fire departments, medical personnel, and any public service worker in and around the Rockford, Illinois area. We stand behind you 100% and are very happy that you are there to protect us and serve the citizens of our area. Thank you for keeping our streets safe and helping all the citizens in need!


In addition to chief elected officials (mayors, village presidents, outlying village police chiefs, and the county board chairman), the following organizations are working together to combat crime and make the streets in Winnebago County safer.

  • Rockford Police Department
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Winnebago County
  • Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police and Winnebago County Corrections
  • Winnebago County Justice Center
  • Winnebago County Health Department
  • Winnebago County Animal Services
  • Winnebago County Building, Zoning and Mapping
  • Crimestoppers
  • 211 Call Center/United Way of Rock River Valley
  • 911 Communications Center/Rockford Fire Department
  • Village of Machesney Park Police Department
  • Village of New Milford Police Department
  • Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
  • Rockford Scanner