Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Working A Scene In A Local Housing Complex, Possible Shooting Incident

Black Hawk Housing Shooting Rockford Police
RS Source

Sources are reporting a scene in Rockford. 

It happened just before 10:30 pm in the Blackhawk Housing complex.

Several officers are on scene near Meadow ct.   We have been told this is a possible shooting incident, but not yet confirmed.

Several officers are on scene, avoid the area for awhile.



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries, Avoid The Area


Sources are reporting an accident with injuries. 

It happened near Rockton and Elmwood just before 10 pm.

Reports of an accident with at least one person injured.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Avoid the area



Rockford Scanner™: Scene in Rockford, Possible Raid


Sources are reporting a scene with a lot of police officers in Rockford.  It happened in the area of near Springfield and Auburn.  Closer to Mila, Kennett areas.

Sources said numerous police are on scene near here and it appears to be a police raiding a residence. But police have yet to confirm this. Avoid the area for awhile. 



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Machesney Park


From the HRFD: Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters responded to a 3-vehicle accident at the intersection of West Lane and Continental Dr. in Machesney Park at 10:56am today. (Sept. 18) One driver was transported to the hospital by HRFD Ambulance.




Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Thief in Rockford


RS source sent us the following:
“Rockford has a thief working the west side. This morning I arrived home at 0200 and was in the process of exiting my vehicle and witnessed a white male, heavy set, early 20’s running south on Winnebago st. from Ashland Ave. He was checking car doors in driveways.

I contacted RPD and they immediately arrived on scene and saturated the area looking for the said subject. One of the officers stopped by to thank me and told me they have been looking for this subject all night.

Please remind your followers to keep their car doors locked”



Rockford Scanner™: 2 Different accident scenes this morning, Multiple injuries

Sources are reporting 2 different accident scenes this morning.

#1  State and Longwood.  There is an accident with multiple injuries being reported. At least 3 ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

#2 Alpine and Sandy Hollow.   There is an accident near this intersection. The vehicles involved pulled over into a nearby parking lot. 1 Injury is being reported



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The Rendlesham Forest Incident of December 1980, is considered by far the most significant event in UFO history. It was also a unique military-related event, having taken place in Rendlesham Forest just outside the twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England – both of which had been transferred to the United States Air Force in 1951 by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence), becoming one of the largest and most important NATO complexes in Europe during the Cold War.

The account given in this book is that of James W. Penniston, a Staff Sergeant at the time of the incident, who was the primary witness who led the investigation in the beginning and had ‘Top-Secret clearance’ – one of only eight people with Top-Secret clearance working Security at the twin bases.

His credibility and honesty were highly respected throughout his years in the USAF. Jim Penniston has teamed-up with author Gary Osborn to present the definitive account of the Rendlesham Incident and the aftermath of events, just as he witnessed and experienced them from the incident itself, which began during the early morning hours of Boxing Day, December 26, 1980 up to April 2014.

Ssgt. James Penniston is returning back to Rockford!

He is the famous for the Rendlesham Forest incident   

More info at

He is a Retired US AIR FORCE SECURITY that inspected and touched a UFO that landed near Rendlesham Forest.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Fire, Possibly Occupied in Rockford


Sources are reporting a fire on the East side. 

It happened around 12:55 am near the 1100 block of 18th st. 

Initial reports are saying there was a garage with a vehicle inside it, that might be occupied.  But not yet confirmed.

Several units from the RFD are en route. 

When the units arrived on scene, they confirmed a vehicle on fire, unknown if it is occupied. 

They also saw a burglary in progress in the area. 

Still developing.