Rockford Scanner™: Standoff Near Poplar Grove


I first want to say thank you to Sheriff Dave Ernest.



On September 7, 2019, at approximately 2:50 pm, Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the 400 block of West Edson Street, Poplar Grove, for a possible suicidal subject. Deputies arrived and began speaking with the subject who was very uncooperative. The subject threatened and pointed a rifle at deputies multiple times during the incident. Deputies secured the area and a team of negotiators from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and Belvidere Police Department began to negotiate with the subject.

The team of negotiators continued to speak with the subject for over 7 ½ hours. At one point in the negotiations, the subject did fire one shot. At approximately 10:45 pm, the subject surrendered and was taken into custody by the Belvidere SWAT team, which is made up of Belvidere Police Officers and Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies. The subject was later transported to Mercy Hospital for a medical evaluation.

Boone County Sheriff’s Detectives executed a search warrant at the subject’s residence. Detectives recovered two rifles and a handgun. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the case. There were no injuries during this incident.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Belvidere Police Department and Capron Rescue Squad for their assistance during the standoff. The Sheriff’s office would also like to thank the citizen of this neighborhood for their patience and generosity during this very stressful event.

Around 3:30 pm the police were dispatched to a possible barricaded suicidal subject on W Edson st in Poplar Grove.

The Boone County deputies, Belvidere Police, Capron Rescue squad all assisted. They secured the scene.

The police negotiators peacefully negotiated with the subject for approx. 6 hours, and were able to take the subject into custody.



Rockford Scanner™: Garbage Truck Dumps His Load, After It Catches On Fire in Machesney park

Source sent us this video from the fire scene

Sources are reporting a garbage truck on fire in Machesney Park.  It happened this afternoon in the 1200 block of Drexel. 

Reports of a garbage truck on fire. The driver dumped the load into the street, to save the truck.  There was a large debris of garbage in the roadway on fire.

Emergency personnel were on scene quickly and was able to get the situation under control.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

No injuries were reported.

When I was leaving the scene, they had a tractor getting ready to clean up the scene. So it should be cleared by now, if not then it should be shortly.

RS Source
RS source


Rockford Scanner™: Shots Fired in Rockford

Sources were reporting a shots fired incident in Rockford. 

It happened near 12th st and 17th ave, across from the park.

There are reports of children playing in the park, when the suspect fired the shots.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Suspect is a black male in a dark colored vehicle (Possibly Blue)



Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a very bad accident


Sources are reporting a very bad accident.

Possible motorcycle accident and REACT helicopter was on scene.

Corner of 75 and Meridian  is a very bad accident.
75 is closed down in the town of Harrison.
Lots of emergency vehicles at intersection of 75 and Meridian
No other information at this time



Rockford Scanner™: 1st Responder in Rockford, Reporting Numerous Gunshots

Sources are reporting numerous gunshots were fired.

1st responders were in the 1800 block of Elm in Rockford, around 4:20 am. They reported hearing numerous gunshots, too many to count.  Then saw several vehicles fleeing the area without their lights on and driving reckless.

There was a party just South of their location. Reports were saying the police were breaking up the party.  It is not yet known if the gunshots were from this incident, or something different.

We have been told there was one victim that may have been shot and was self transporting to a local ER.

No suspect information at this time.

RPD has yet to confirm or release any information yet.



Rockford Scanner™: Truck Crashes Into A Tree in Rockford, Extrication Needed

Sources are reporting an accident that needs extrication. 

It happened around 12:45 am on School st, near Albert in Rockford.

A truck hit a tree near this location.
It appears that it may have been a head on collision with the tree.

Witnesses said they saw the truck driving recklessly just prior to the accident.

There was extrication needed, to pop the door open to get the victim out of the vehicle.

Sources said the man was possibly under the influence, and the injuries were non life threatening.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.
Watch the video from the scene, below