Rockford Scanner™: 5 Local Paranormal Experiences, From Fans


As you know we asked to hear your paranormal experiences.
Here are a couple of stories that were sent to us.
Send us you paranormal experiences, 

# 1 Years and years ago my father lived in an apartment building at the corner of Maple and Wesley Lane. Well one day I was with my older brother and we went into the basement area.

I never liked going down there cuz I always got a creepy vibe down there. There were storage units and washer and dryers down there. We were simply getting something from the storage unit we had.

Well while we were in there I seen a shadow figure walk past us. I know for a fact my brother seen it too. I ran out of there as fast as I could. My brother stayed though. That was the only time I ever experienced that.

Another one I had was over at my Grandma’s house. She lives on Wilshire blvd. I was very very young so it’s very vague. I was in her living room and I looked down in the basement and I seen a man down there staring at me. He stared for a moment and walked away.

Come to find out it was my Grandma’s brother who passed away before I was born. I never had an uneasy feeling with him. Perhaps because he is family.


# 2  1100 block of 23rd Street, Rockford
56 years ago and up to the present
I was born when my parents lived there, stayed till I was 7. I always saw dancing shadows on the ceilings and was scared to death to go in the basement, felt like someone was watching me and following me up the stairs. There was a box down there that I stared at, afraid to open. We moved and I never had that happen again.

Fast forward to about 5-6 years ago, I was working at a library and issuing a library card to a gentleman who now lives there. I told him I once lived there, and he said, “So you already know it’s haunted?” I told him that I did always think so, yes. He said that the cabinet doors open and shut randomly, things get moved and tossed off the counter, doors close for no reason, he hears footsteps, sees shadows. I visited my parents and told them about this conversation, and they just looked at each other with “that look” and said, “Well….about that….” and proceeded to tell me their experiences, which were exactly the same as his.

My parents had my bedroom when they moved in, didn’t feel comfortable, so they built an addition for themselves and put me in that room after I was born. I said, “So you put the BABY in the haunted room?!?!?!” They laughed and said they thought I wouldn’t notice. Oh I noticed, all right

 #3  I have a story relating to a paranormal encounter. Although I’m still not sure to this day what I really experience this will still be a good read. This happened at Twin sisters park, near east behind the mini strip mall. I was in high school at the time, so this was around 2015 sometime in September before the cold weather set in for fall.

I came to school really early and the doors were still locked and I decided to kill some time by wondering the Forest part of the park that connected to the hills itself. As I was wondering around listening to music and just genuinely enjoying my morning.

I heard what sounded like an animal being hurt almost a squealing nose of some sort, I just assume maybe it was raccoons or cats fighting but the closer I got to the sound the further and scarier it began to get. I’m a very curious person, and I do get scared but for some reason that morning I sorta just said “eh let’s see some ghost” of course that was just me trying to lighten the situation with a joke because I was pretty scared. I got to the part where the tree hangs down very low, and you could pretty much sit on it as a chair. Mind you this was around 6 am so not many people would be there at all.

I stood there to investigate the sound and it kept getting closer to me and by this point it sounded like a voice echoing my name which sent goosebumps down my neck. I decided to turn around because it was getting to real for me by that point, as I’m fast walking making my way out in the distance but still close to me I could hear branches being broken and moved while my name was still being echoed but in a very distorted male voice. I pretty much said screw this and booked it out of there.

To this day I still wonder what the hell was going on I saw nobody at all and people are easy to spot through there it’s not a thick forest. But who knows maybe someone was playing a prank of some sort but to me it was very nerve wrecking experience.

I’ve only told close friends about this story because I’m really not sure what it was. But I do believe in ghost and the paranormal. Thats my experience and I hope it was an interesting one. My name is J. and that’s my story.

#4 We saw a huge ufo at night a couple years back in machesney right past 173 it was the biggest thing ive ever seen in the sky before it got bigger and bigger than just disappeared we never figure out what it was and we tried to.

#5 Back in the mid 70’s my mom and I were coming down Charles at Mulford and an object came down with 2 bright lights just above tree line. There was no sound. I was scared and screaming and jumped in the back seat floor yelling why are you stopping. ( my mom said a stop sign). Got home in 1 min and watched it go up and was gone fast. We reported it.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible structure fire at a Rockford duplex


Possible structure fire at a Rockford duplex. 

Around 10 pm tonight the Rockford Fire Department were responding to a possible fire near 3706 Harrison Ave. Reports of smoke coming from under the door at one of the residences at the duplex. RFD confirmed smoke was showing. Sounds like RFD was able to get the situation under control very quickly. Unknown what was on fire at the time of writing this.



Rockford Scanner™: Victim Shot On the East Side

UPDATE:   RPD has confirmed there was an aggravated battery with a firearm call at this location. Their 72 hour call log also showed this.

But RPD has yet to provide the details of the incident. They said they were going to do a blotter release on the incident, but there is no blotter released on it, as of the time of writing this.

We have been sitting on the story for awhile now to see if police would release information on this. They have yet to do so, so we are going to post it. 

Sources told us last night a victim was shot on the East side. It happened just before 2 am near Broadway and Log Cabin. 

We have been told the injuries appeared to be life threatening, but police have yet to confirm this. 

Unknown on the suspect information at this time. 



Rockford Scanner™: Child hit by a vehicle in Rockford 


Child hit by a vehicle in Rockford 

It happened earlier this evening near Huffman and Brown.

Reports of a child on a bicycle that was hit by a vehicle.

Sources said the injuries appeared to be non life threatening

The cause of the accident is under investigation



Rockford Scanner™: A few misc. calls from today

A few misc. calls from today

  •  On N Hinkley, a drunk man fell down some stairs
  • 4401 N Main, Riverbluff Nursing Home, automatic fire alarm. Operator states it was a patient/resident that pulled alarm, there is no actual fire.
  • Insulin OD on East Moreland 
  • Burglary on Gramercy drive
  • 5800 block of Linden, shots were fired
  • Retail theft at 7200 Harrison ave



Rockford Scanner™: 3 Different Accidents, 1 Fatal, Another Involved A Motorcycle, Etc…

A couple of accidents this afternoon.  One of them is a fatal.

#  A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near Central and Kilburn.  Police confirmed the pedestrian has passed away.  The vehicle that hit the pedestrian stayed on the scene.  The road is blocked off, and will be for several hours while police do the investigation and reconstruction of the scene. So please avoid the area for awhile.

# E state st between Alpine and Fairview there was a motorcycle accident. Reports of a vehicle pulling out of Popeyes, when the motorcycle crashed into it. The vehicle stayed on scene, but the driver did not exit the vehicle. Injuries were being reported.  Officials said the injuries appeared to be non life threatening.

# Two vehicles collided near West and Island in Rockford.  Injuries were being reported.  Reports of non life threatening injuries.

The cause of the accidents are all under investigation.


Photos by Ronnie Owens and RS Sources



Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run in Rockford

Sources are reporting a hit and run accident.

Source said:  “Approximately 0215 am on the 3400 block of Fremont Street, a grey Buick Lucerne CXL impacted my personal car outside of my home. My car is no longer functional from the damage and their car is totaled, and sitting approximately 75 yards away in the middle of the road. The driver fled the scene. PD contacted with no arrival time as of yet. Attached is the license plate. Thank you.”



Rockford Scanner™: More Burglaries In The Roscoe Area


Burglary to Motor Vehicle in the 11900 block of Baneberry Dr. between 08/24/19 & 08/25/19.

Police are seeking anyone who was a victim of a car burglary to contact the police department.

Police are also asking anyone with residential or vehicle cameras, or anyone with information to contact the police department at 815-623-7338.

Suspect vehicle – Newer white Dodge Ram
Suspects – One tall/slender black male, One short/slender black male

Suspects and suspect vehicle were involved in previous Burglary to Motor Vehicle on 08/02/19



Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Investigating Another Shooting Incident


On Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at approximately 12:35 am Rockford Police Officers were dispatched to the are of 700 Trenton Ave. reference a call of shots fired. Officers located an unoccupied vehicle and an unoccupied residence struck by gunfire.

Witnesses indicated a male was on the front porch of a residence when unknown subject(s) began firing at the male. The male was not struck and no injuries were reported.

No suspect information.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact the Rockford Police Department @ (815) 966-2900 or Rockford Crimestoppers @ (815) 963-7867



Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident in Belvidere, Possible Child Involved


Sources are reporting a rollover accident in Belvidere. 

It happened around 3:40 am near State and Fairgrounds.

Reports of a 1 vehicle rollover accident.

Unknown on injuries.

There are reports that a child may have been in the vehicle.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Avoid the area.