Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries, Avoid The Area

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries in Rockford. 

It happened just before 5 pm near Alpine and Newburg.

Traffic is backed up. Avoid the area.

Non life threatening injuries were being reported.

Photos by RS Sources and Kendra Hunt


Rockford Scanner™: Three Females Going On A Crime Spree In Rockford?


Over the last few weeks we have gotten several reports from several area businesses that 3 females have been going into local stores and destroying items and stealing items. Then they flee the stores. 

Sources have told us the police have been notified on several of these incidents and they did not seem to care to investigate the crimes, according to the victims. 

Tuesday it happened again at Ulta, around 4:40 pm. Three females went into the business with garbage bags and began to fill the bags with items. And then they fled the store. Witnesses were able to get a photo of the alleged vehicle and plate.

Police are encrypted and have not released any information on any of these incidents. The most we got out of police was “No Comment”  so they will not confirm the incidents, and they won’t confirm if it is the same 3 females on a crime spree, etc…

Thankfully to the citizens of the area, we are able to post this and keep people informed via your tips, so maybe these alleged criminals can be caught.



Rockford Scanner™: Mountain Lion Sighting In The Area


Sources are reporting a possible cougar (Mountain Lion) sighting in the area. 

We have gotten several reports saying 97 ZOK posted about a cougar that was spotted near Beaver Valley and Squaw Prairie.

They had a photo on their site, but it has since been removed.

You can read about it at 

Side note:  There have been unconfirmed of reports of a mountain lion at Rock Cut for awhile now.  The most recent was about 2 weeks ago on the East side of the park. A man was walking along a trail on the East side of the park and he came across it. The man said the mountain lion came out of the brush and onto the trail he was on.  He said that it posed no harm to him. The man and the mountain lion were both startled and the mountain lion took off in one direction while he fled in the other direction.



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle On Fire in Loves Park


Reports of a fully engulfed vehicle in Loves Park. 

It happened around 2:45 pm today in the 5100 block of Pebble ln. 

A vehicle is reported to be fully engulfed near this location. 

No injuries have been reported.  

The cause of the fire is under investigation



Rockford Scanner™: Bank Robbery, Still Developing


Sources are reporting a bank robbery.

It happened at the First National Bank near 1725 S State in Belvidere around 1 pm. 

Suspect fled in a Black SUV

Suspect is described as a dark skinned male, Thin build, 6’0, dark clothing.

Unconfirmed reports are saying there is a suspicious package inside the bank, and it was evacuated.  A perimeter was setup.  Rockford Bomb Squad is en route along with the Hazmat. 



Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating A Possible Active Shooter Situation In A Local School

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, at approximately 8:30 am, the Boone County 911 Center received a 911 call from an individual who referenced a safety concern at Belvidere North High School. Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies along with School Administrators responded to the concern and the school was immediately placed on lockdown. The School District sent out information as soon as it was possible advising parents on the situation.

Note: We have been told the threat was a student who posted a threat on a social media platform threatening to shoot another student those around her. But police have yet to confirm this, but the video has been shared numerous times on social media sites.

Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies secured the building as Sheriff’s Detectives began to investigation. Deputies along with several officers from Belvidere Police, Illinois State Police, Rockford Police, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) and the Secretary of State assisted with various tasks. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the jurisdictions that assisted during this emergency.

Securing the school was done in a calm and orderly fashion. The students and staff at Belvidere North High School are to be commended on their patience, calmness and professionalism during this very stressful event. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the parents for being patient and understanding while law enforcement and school officials secured the school and create a safe environment. Lastly, the Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the media for getting the information out to the public as soon as possible.

These type of threats are taken very seriously by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and Belvidere School District 100. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the case. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone having information on this or any crime to call 815-544-2144 or Boone County Crime Stoppers at 815-544-7867.

The Boone County Sheriff wants to update you on a situation that is happening at Belvidere North High School. Boone County 911 received a call about a safety concern regarding the school. School administration partnered with local law enforcement to investigate the matter immediately. Currently schools in the area are on lockdown and surrounding roads have been closed until the investigation can be completed.
We will update parents as we have more information. Thank you for your patience and concern.

Initial reports were saying there was a fire alarm and an active shooter situation (2 shooters)  inside the school and teachers and students have barricaded themselves inside the school.  You can see chairs and other items blocking entrances to classrooms.

The police have the area blocked off, numerous police from several agencies on scene.

The police said everything is calm and no need to worry.

No reports of gunfire or injuries.

Everyone is asked to stage at the Shopko

Note: Years ago there was an active shooter incident where the students pulled the fire alarm to get the students to come outside, and then they shot the students as they exited for the fire alarm.


Rockford Scanner™: RFD Battling Another Structure Fire


Just before 3:30 am this morning the Rockford Fire Department were battling another structure fire. 

This one happened in the 2300 block of Wyoming in Rockford. 

Reports of a vacant house that was on fire. When the Rockford Fire Department arrived on scene they confirmed smoke and flames were showing and were laying lines to battle the fire. No reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 



Rockford Scanner™: Fire At A Rockford Hotel

Live video has some good scene content, be sure to watch it below.

Rockford Fire Department is on scene at 3909 11th Street for a commercial structure fire. First unit on scene reporting working incident.

Heavy smoke and flames were showing.

No reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle on the railroad tracks, Police looking for the driver

A little before 2 am this morning, someone decided to drive onto the railroad tracks near the YMCA in Rockford. 

It appears the vehicle was abandoned.  I briefly talked to the officers on scene and they said the vehicle was not stolen, but was abandoned. 

Police were trying to find the driver of the vehicle.