Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting Incident in Rockford


Sources are reporting a shooting incident on the East side.

“There was a shooting over on Crosby and Benton last night as well. At least 4 gun shots and 2 cars. Heard about 10 people screaming like they were fighting.”

No other information at this time. 


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries On The East Side


Sources are reporting an auto accident. 

It happened this after noon near Perryville and Spring Brook.

Injuries were being reported. Non life threatening injuries sources are reporting, but not yet confirmed.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: 2 Scenes in Loves Park: 3 Year old Drown Victim, Kitchen On Fire


Sources are reporting 2 scenes in Loves Park. 

They both happened around 3:45 pm today. 

#1 A 3 year old had drowned in the bathtub in the 1600 block of Mars.   The 3 year old female was in the bath tub, when the father briefly walked out of the bathroom. The father came back in and found the child was not breathing and had some water in her lungs. CPR was performed and the child was now breathing again.

#2 A stove was on fire on Maple ave. A 2 apartment complex. Situation was controlled quickly. 


Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Squad Cars Hit During A Traffic Stop in Loves Park


Multiple Squad Cars Hit During A Traffic Stop in Loves Park

Sources are reporting a serious accident involving multiple police squad cars in loves Park.  It happened around 11:15 am today near Forest Hills  near Windsor.

Police were on a traffic stop when someone crashed into at least 2 police squad cars.

Multiple injuries are being reported.  MD-1 is on scene as well.

This is a bad accident, AVOID the area. Still developing




Rockford Scanner™: Fire At A Rockford Business


Sources are reporting a fire on the East side. 

It happened around 8:10 am this morning at 5937 Sandy Hollow at the Greater Rockford Auto Auction. Reports of a fire in the kitchen. Sounds like it was quickly extinguished. 

No injuries were being reported. 



Rockford Scanner™: Home Invasion in Rockford, Police Investigating


Update from the RPD:

Officers were called to the 1100 block of 19th Street around 2:45 a.m. Wednesday after reports of a home invasion.

Police say five or six men broke into the home around 1 a.m.

The suspects allegedly took off with a woman’s cell phone, cash and electronics from the household.

Police say no one was hurt, but the break-in does not appear to be at random.

If you have any information, contact Rockford police at 815-966-2900

Sources are reporting a home invasion in Rockford. 

It happened just before 3 am near the 1100 block of 19th st.

We have been told there were injuries being reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. Sources said the suspects were a couple black male suspects, armed with guns and wearing dark clothing.

RPD has yet to confirm this.



Rockford Scanner™: Police Arrest An Alleged Violent Wanted Man, At A Local Motel


Sources are reporting a scene at a local motel last night around 10:30 pm in the 7600 block of Colosseum in Rockford. 

Sources said the local police got a tip on a wanted suspect that was staying at the motel.

Police conducted an investigation and found the wanted man. 

Police arrested a man named Sam Giacalone.   

He was booked in the jail around 12:30 am on several charges that include: Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Violation of Bail Bond, violation of a no stalking order, etc…  He is being held in the jail on a no bond.  



Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Victim On The East Side


Sources are reporting a large amount of police working a scene last night on the East side.  

It happened around 7:45 pm near E State and Dempster. 

RPD has confirmed it was a shooting victim call, but did not provide any other details.
No suspect information, no victims condition, no details on the shooting. 



Rockford Scanner™: Fire At A Local High Rise Building


Sources are reporting a fire at a local high rise building. 

It happened last night around 8:30 pm at the Skyrise Apartments on N Main.

There was a fire inside one of the apartments on the 11th floor of the building.

Sounds like it was contained very quickly. No injuries were being reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Incident in Rockford


Sources are reporting a shooting incident in Rockford overnight.  It happened around 1 am near the Auburn Manor on Auburn. 

Reports of at least 4 shots being fired.

We have heard conflicting reports of a victim, so unknown on if there is a victim or not. No suspect information.

Police have not released any information on the incident.