Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Hold A Gun To The Teen Girls Head During A Robbery At A Rockford Bank

Source is reporting their daughter was robbed at gunpoint at a Rockford bank. 

Source said:
“My 16 year old had a gun held to her head over a backpack and a phone!

She knew who did this cause the perp went to school with her and her friends.

She was at a bank parking lot (5400 block of Harrison ave) so there should be a video of the incident.
(PNC bank)

She went straight to the police, but despite of all the information it seams like there where no arrests.

Just last month I had my phone taken from me, and the cops REFUSED to go with me and retrieve it despite of me having an address to where it was.
They told me that I would be better off making a claim with my phone company.

The crime is never going to get better IF criminals know that they can get away with it and not even be anonymous.

Thanks for your help!”


Rockford Scanner™: Accident On The East Side

Keith NeubauerHappened right in front of me Its was more than a accident a blue impala was getting chased by a black Cadillac impala lost control as soon as they crossed Broadway and hit a few parked cars that sound was insane”

Sources are reporting an auto accident on the East side.

It happened around 11 pm on 6th st between Broadway and 15th.

Unknown on injuries.

Admin Will is working the scene and we hope to have more information and photos shortly.


Rockford Scanner™: Crime Scene Tape Up, Vehicle Crashes Into A Rockford Busines

Sources are reporting an accident on the East side.

It happened around 10 pm near Alpine and Broadway.

Reports of a Dodge Neon has crashed into a business near this location.

Unknown on injuries.  We have been told that there are numerous police officers on the scene, so it is unknown if anything else happened

(Due to the very large police presence and police have the crime scene tape up)

Sources said 1 person was taken away in an ambulance. Unknown on the injuries or the severity of the injuries.

This is still developing.  Admin Will is on his way to work the scene.

Video below by RS source


Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Shooting Victims At A Festival in California

NBC is reporting several shooting victims at a festival in California.

Police and emergency personnel late Sunday responded to reports of a shooting involving multiple victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Ambulance crews were told 11 people were down in an active shooter incident at Gilroy’s Christmas Hill Park.

Source and full details at


Rockford Scanner™: 4 Wheeler In The River

Sources are reporting 3 guys rolled this 4 wheeler into the Kishwaukee River earlier today.  Sources believe it is possibly stolen and wanted us to post this, to see if anyone had their 4 wheeler stolen recently that looks like this?


Rockford Scanner™: Apartment Fire in Janesville

Holiday Drive between N. Pontiac and Carrousel Lane is currently closed due to an apartment fire in the 2800 Block of Holiday Drive

Still developing


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Shooting Scene in Rockford

Sources are reporting a scene with numerous emergency personnel on scene.

It happened near 8th st and 18th ave.  We have been told this is a shooting incident.  But as you know, not to sound like a broken record. Police are encrypted and have yet to confirm or deny this, and haven’t released any information.  All we do know is, several personnel are on scene and many said it was a shooting incident.



Rockford Scanner™: Cherryvale Mall Evacuated

UPDATE: Fire Alarm,sounds like a possible issue with a AC unit.

Many sources are reporting the Cherryvalle Mall has been evacuated earlier today.  As you know police are encrypted.

As you know police are encrypted and haven’t released any info. So it is unknown exactly what happened. All we know is the mall was evacuated earlier today.


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes into A Tree, 3 People Ejected

From our friends at Beloit Scanner:
Last night around 11:30 pm there was a very serious accident near Beloit. 

Initial reports are saying a vehicle crashed into a tree at high speeds near the area of St Lawrence and Paddock. West of Paddock.

Reports of possibly three people in the vehicle and all three might have been ejected from the vehicle and are injured. They requested the medical helicopter and MD1 to the scene. 

No other information at this time.