Rockford Scanner™: Possible Officer Involved Shooting In Rockford

UPDATE: (Wait a second for the video to load below)

A suspect fired a gun at 2 Rockford Police officers.

The suspect is reported to be in custody.

Sources are reporting a scene on the West side. 

Sources said a person was shot near Washington School in Rockford.

That is near West st.   1421 West st.

Unconfirmed reports are saying this is an officer involved shooting incident.

Many officers from numerous jurisdictions are on scene.
Sources said there are approx. 30 different squad cars and officers working this scene.

RPD has yet to confirm this or release any information.

This is still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Extrication Needed At An Accident Scene

Sources are reporting an accident.

It happened around 8:30 pm near the are of Riverside and Huffman.

Reports of an accident with injuries near this location.

Possible extrication is needed.

Avoid the area



Rockford Scanner™: Dead Body Found In Loves Park

Details are still minimal right now. 

Sources are reporting a body has been found in Loves Park.

It happened near Commonwealth drive in Loves Park.

Reports of a body inside a vehicle near this location.

Sources are saying the woman was dead inside the vehicle approx. a week before emergency personnel found her.

It is unknown how the person passed away at the time of writing this.

Police were going door to door asking people if they saw anything suspicious.

Police have yet to release information.


Rockford Scanner™: Pregnant Female Injured in An Accident

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries in Rockford

It happened around 3:40 pm today near E state st and Dempster.

Injuries were being reported.  A pregnant female was injured.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle in Machesney Park

Update: by Jason Peck :   “Medical issue, not a hit by car.”

Jessica Clark  “She wasn’t hit by a car, she had a seizure on her way to work. She is ok, pretty banged up, but she is ok! This is my sister in law.”

Scanner traffic said it was a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. 

Photos by RS Source

Sources are reporting a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Machesney Park. 

It happened around 8:15 am this morning in the 500 block of Huron.  A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.

The victim was unresponsive. 

No other details at this time. 



Rockford Scanner™: ROAD RAGE INCIDENT: Suspect Shoots At Victim For Driving Too Slow


BPD: We responded to a road rage incident where a shot was fired at 2 p.m. yesterday near Milwaukee Road and White Avenue.

The victim reported that a male driver was upset that the victim was driving too slow, screamed at him, pulled a gun and fired a shot, which went into the vehicle’s tire.

The victim later spotted the suspect in a business parking lot in the 3200 block of Colley Road and contacted our officers, who arrested Kevyn J. Whitehead, 30, of Janesville.

A handgun and a small amount of marijuana were located inside of Whitehead’s vehicle. He was taken into custody for felony endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon.



Rockford Scanner™: Warming Trend The Next Few Days

Today will be dry across most of the area though spotty P.M. showers are probable in the region, including even a couple of thunderstorms. Can’t rule out a storm or two being gusty. Afternoon temperatures will peak around 80° with a north wind gusting at times to 20 mph.

Conditions will be mainly dry and warmer from Wednesday through the weekend. There is a slight chance for some showers Wednesday near the Wisconsin border.


Rockford Scanner™: Mercy Health Explains What MD-1 Is


From Mercy Health:
What is MD-1?
We get asked this a lot!

Mercyhealth MD-1 is 24/7/365 physician staffed prehospital response vehicle available to respond with EMS and assist with patients for 15 counties in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois (Rock County, Walworth County, Rockford area). The MD-1 program launched in 2013 has grown to four response vehicles staffed by an EMS medical director, Dr. Jay MacNeal, and seven associate medical directors: Drs. Chris Wistrom, Todd Daniello, Sean Marquis, John Pakiela, Matt Smetana, Jen Gibson-Chambers, and Mitch Sheley.

MD-1 physicians support EMS providers with bedside teaching, training and physician response to critical patients.

All MD-1 physicians have served in fire, EMS or law enforcement at some point during their careers. The physicians also staff our emergency departments to retain their skill set and work on the receiving end of our EMS system.

MD-1 carries equipment and medications not routinely carried or even allowed on paramedic ambulances. Ultrasound, chest tubes, central lines, an amputation kit and junctional tourniquets are just some of the extra equipment carried.

MD-1 does not bill the patient or EMS agency. It transports with EMS to the nearest appropriate destination, and when requested to respond, works with all EMS providers regardless of their medical direction.

Pictured below are MD-1 physicians, Drs. Marquis and Sheley at Country Thunder Music Festival Twin Lakes WI where they provided medical care alongside Medix Ambulance Service crews to festival goers, onsite. This onsite care helped reduce the burden on the local emergency departments where the majority of patients were treated and released, instead of transported to the emergency department.


Rockford Scanner™: Local Emergency Personnel Do A Special Escort For Isaac, Make A Wish Foundation


On Sunday July 21st, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, along with Belvidere Police Department had the privilege to escort Isaac to the Rockford Airport. Isaac is off to a special vacation from Make a Wish Foundation.

Isaac is a 4 year old boy with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and Septo Optic Dysplasia. His prognoses was that he would be in a vegetative state his entire life.

He is a bright, energetic, happy, and imaginative little boy who loves to be outside and play.

He has endured 22 surgeries in his short life and each day is not a guarantee.

It was an honor to be part of this special event!!!!


Rockford Scanner™: Why do people comment, without reading the article?


Why do people comment, without reading the article?

So I have noticed this A LOT lately.   People comment on a title, other than then the factual content in an article.  You can tell they haven’t clicked on to read the article. Because the comments are no where near what actually happened, that clearly states what happened in the article.

A good example and as to why I am thinking about this right now.

Burger King on 11th st was robbed earlier tonight.  Admin Will went to go work the scene for me. Thank you Will, Much appreciated!  The police parked their vehicles next door at Auto Zone. See the photo below.

As you can see the police parked their vehicles there.   But the actual robbery happened at Burger King, next door.  You can CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed, at 

People are commenting and thinking it is Auto Zone, based on the photo posted that shows all the police parked at Auto Zone.  Based on their comments, you can clearly see they did not take 2 seconds to click the link and read and CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed.

All these people do is make themselves look bad by commenting with bad info.   SMH………………

I ask that everyone please take a second and please click on the link and actually READ the content, before making comments.