Rockford Scanner™: Another Home Invasion in Rockford, RPD Investigating


Another Home Invasion in Rockford

Sources are reporting another home invasion in Rockford.

This one happened Saturday around 11:30 pm in the 2900 block of Latham.

We have been told there were injuries, but RPD will not confirm nor deny the injuries. RPD has confirmed a home invasion, but did not provide any details on it. If RPD releases information, we will update this.



Rockford Scanner™: Stabbing Victim Arrives At A Local Hospital


Sources are reporting a stabbing. 

A stabbing victim arrived at a local hospital around 7 am yesterday morning.

We have been told the injuries may be life threatening.

RPD has yet to release information on the incident, victims condition or suspect descriptions. So we can not confirm anything.



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into A House in Loves Park


Sources are reporting a vehicle has crashed into a house in Loves park.

It happened in the 300 block of Clifford, around 3 pm.

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: STOP For Pedestrians In The Crosswalk


If a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, YOU STOP FOR THE PEDESTRIANS

Loves Park Police said this is a law

The City has recently replaced the “yield to pedestrians” at Garden Plain and Riverside Blvd. because it was damaged by vehicles.

We were hoping that this type of damage was not being done intentionally. However, on Saturday, July 13, 2019, at approximately 5:30 PM, using traffic cameras, the attached photo was captured of someone intentionally running over and damaging the sign. Unfortunately, the license plates on the vehicle were unreadable.

This type of criminal damage to City property will not be tolerated. If you recognize the vehicle please report it to the Street Department Manager at 815-654-5040, so he may report it to the Police for further action. We ask that you do not post the vehicle information here. It will be deleted.

The City will continue to monitor this area to make sure this type of activity does not continue


Rockford Scanner™: Loose Tire Hits A Vehicle in Rockford


Hi I was wondering if you could make a public post for me on behalf of my sister. she doesn’t have Facebook. Around 133 pm today the 14th she was driving on 251 going into Loves Park coming from Rockford right by Sinissippi and a tire flew across six lanes and hit her car and caused a lot of damage. She doesn’t know where it came from but was wondering if there were any witnesses that may have seen it. Any help is appreciated.



Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Woman Has Been Arrested For Burglarizing Vehicles At A Local Business


RS Source sent us the following in reference to a possible burglary suspect at a local grocery store: 

”  Unsure of who she is. But I was leaving work today, when a few customers gathered by my vehicle caught my attention. They told me “there’s a girl hiding in the weeds down there” my first instinct was a child. So I got more detail and apparently this lady was caught going from car to car in Meijer parking lot stealing. Once I was told they caught her and she is hiding I started recording. I will be sending that footage as well. It has now been confirmed that she has been arrested. Unsure of what was taken out of the vehicles she had taken over $500 worth from Meijer prior to going into the vehicles. They were able to catch and arrest her this afternoon! ”



Rockford Scanner™: Shout out To The Rockford Olympic boys u-15 soccer team


Hi, I was wondering if you could do a shout out to Rockford Olympic boys u-15 soccer team? They are getting ready to play the finals in the Minnesota USA cup at 2:40! There are over 20 states and 10 countries that played this weekend. Our team is undefeated so far! Thank you


Rockford Scanner™: Victims Robbed, Suspects Get Away

Sources are reporting a robbery. 

It happened overnight near Pepper and Applewood.

Reports of 2 black males chased down a vehicle and then blocked the victims in. The suspects then got out of their vehicle and robbed the male and female victims at gunpoint. Then fled the scene. Suspects got away. No suspect description. Police have yet to release information.



Rockford Scanner™: Shots Fired On The East Side


Sources are reporting numerous gunshots were fired on the East side. 

It happened near  15th Ave and 16th street approx. 1:45 am.

We have gotten conflicting reports on injuries. So it is unknown on injuries.

No suspect information. No other information.



Rockford Scanner™: Another Scene On The West Side


Sources are reporting several emergency personnel working a scene near W State and Graver around 1:30 am. 

Unconfirmed reports are saying there was a disorderly, and shots were fired.

Sources said medical was on scene, unknown why at this time.

Police have not released any information.