Rockford Scanner™: Another Local School Playground Goes Up In Flames

RS Source

Sources are reporting another school playground has gone up in flames.

This one happened at Mcintosh School in Rockford. That is located in the 500 block of N Pierpont.  Reports of the whole playground has burnt to the ground. Unknown on injuries.

There have been multiple incidents at local playgrounds recently.

Note: We are in the process of going through all the photos/videos everyone has sent in, and hope to have them all posted soon. Much appreciated for sharing your content with us!


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Shoot At Random Drivers In Rockford & The Parks

Suspects Randomly Shoot At Citizens Driving Down The Road. 

We have gotten several reports recently of people minding their own business driving down the roads in Rockford and in the parks, when all of a sudden suspects shoot at them while they are driving.

The most recent shooting happened around 4 pm today near Forest Hills and Landstrom.  Keith N. was driving down the road when all of a sudden shots rang out and hitting his vehicle. Just missing his head by inches he said.

Below is a list of the recent weapons violation.  At the time of writing this, no call log was posted on this incident.


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries Near Perryville

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries in Loves Park/Machesney Park this afternoon.   It happened near Perryville and 173.

HRFD: ”  Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters responded to a 3-vehicle accident on Perryville Rd. and Hwy 173. One driver was transported to the hospital by Harlem-Roscoe Ambulance.”



Rockford Scanner™:One Person Shot in Rockford, Still Developing


SHOOTING INVESTIGATION: RPD is on scene investigating a shooting in the area of Hunter Avenue and Broadmoor Drive.  That is located just North of the Schnucks and also the Stockholm Inn.

There is 1 confirmed shooting victim.

We have been told all the windows were shot out of the victims vehicle.

No suspect information at this time.

More info to follow as it becomes available.


Rockford Scanner™: Couple of Robberies In Rockford, Police Are Investigating


Sources are reporting a couple of robberies in Rockford recently.  They happened at the following locations:

  • 1500 block of School st (Carjacking)
  • 600 block of Salter ave

We have been told injuries were reported at these scenes, but RPD has yet to confirm this. No suspect information.  RPD is investigating these robberies.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Purposely Run Over A Victim in Rockford


Suspects Purposely Run Over A Victim in Rockford

Sources have told us around 2:30 am this morning, suspects purposely ran over a victim in Rockford.  It happened around 2:30 am in the 700 block of Royal ave in Rockford.

The victim was injured and had leg and head injuries.

Suspects fled the scene. No suspect information.

RPD has yet to release information on this incident.



Rockford Scanner™: Officer Needs Help, Numerous Officers From Several Jurisdictions On Scene


Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

It happened a little after 4 am in the 1700 block of 26th st.

Reporting of numerous police officer, several have estimated approx. 30 squads at the scene.

We have been told an officer was screaming they needed help and a 10-78 (Officer needs assistance)  was dispatched.  Several officers from several area departments were on scene assisting.

RPD call log shows this call as a traffic stop.

No other information at this time.