Rockford Scanner™: Disorderly Woman Allegedly Yells Racist Comments At The Local YMCA, Police Investigating


Kevin Micheal Dufauchard sent us the following.  He said he was at the YMCA in Rockford, when he encountered a disorderly female. Police were called and she was arrested according to Kevin.

Kevin said: “

I don’t know how to even begin this post. Just had a traumatic experience that left me in disbelief.

I was walking into my local YMCA (which turned out to be closed) when an older white woman sitting at a table near the entrance spoke to me. In a very nasty, devilish voice she said “You’re out of your territory.”

Me: “What???”

Her: “You heard me you F****** N*****, get out of here N*****”

*Proceeds to say more racist things towards me*

This woman was screaming these things, to the point where people walking a trail nearby (about 100 yards away) were able to hear these things. Some of them, also white, came to my defense and exchanged words with this old hag of a woman.

The lady ended up yelling at these people (again from 100 yds away) and calling them N***** lovers.

Some people who witnessed the event also called the police, others recorded. I waited for them to arrive and address the situation. The lady was still sitting at the table when they pulled up, got the details of what happened, and eventually arrested the lady (trespassing, disorderly conduct)

You hear these stories all around, but let me tell you it’s still very unreal when it happens to you. I don’t understand why racism is still an issue in this country.

Now if this woman was bold enough to do this on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylight, it makes me wonder how many people are thinking this way. Also makes me wonder how often does this happen.

Not everyone is as composed as me and would have handled the situation the same as I did. This lady likely suffered from some mental health issues and was unstable but that cannot excuse the racism and bigotry shown to me.

Despite this traumatic and disheartening verbal assault that I endured today, instead of bottling this experience I felt it was important to share this all with you. Racism in America still exists and is brutally alive in the hearts of many citizens.

Please be conscious of your surroundings, these people are still around. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have loved to see me harmed. Be careful and be safe.”