Rockford Scanner™: Domestic Situation, Woman Fell Down Stairs And Is Unconscious.

Sources are reporting a scene on the west side. 

It happened around 9 pm in the 2800 block of Halsted.

Sources are saying there is a domestic between a man and a female. 

Unknown if related, but near the same address a female has fallen down some stairs and is conscious. 


Rockford Scanner™: Fan Found 2 Dogs On The East Side

Caly Jiles said:

“Hi I found these two dogs actually they found me on 28th St. and 12th Ave. right behind east high school one of them has a tag but it’s not activated and they keep following me if you could please post their picture so I can try to find their owner thank you very much”


Rockford Scanner™: Accident with injuries on Rockford Eastside


Sources are reporting an automobile accident in the area of Newberg and Arnold around 5 PM

Reports are saying there is an automobile accident near this location.

Sources are reporting at least one person has been injured. The severity of the injuries are unknown.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

You may want to avoid this area for a while, or expect traffic delays.



Rockford Scanner™: Have you seen Peanut?

Kate Batchelar said:

“Please please please share this:

Please help find our lost Peanut. My mom was dog sitting in Rockford and he’s lost now. Brandon Batchelar and I are desperate to find him. Last seen at cross street of Gingeridge lane and applewood in Rockford, Illinois. His name is Peanut. He is very sweet and loving. He has his tags on and our numbers are listed. He is also micro chipped. Please anyone in Rockford, help us find our baby. We love him so much. We are devastated. Please help if you can. We will be in Rockford tomorrow morning looking again. If anyone wants to help, message or call me.

Hold your dogs a little tighter tonight : (  ”


Rockford Scanner™: Scene On The East Side, One Person Detained


Sources are reporting numerous police officers working a scene earlier today in the Hampton Ridge area in Rockford. That is located near Sandy Hollow.

It is unclear exactly what happened.  we have been told a suspect was shooting, others have said it was a home invasion.  Like I said, it is unclear exactly what happened at this time because Rockford police are encrypted and have yet to release any information on this.

Sources said one person was taken into custody.  It is unknown exactly what the person is charged with at  this time, or any information on the suspect.

No other information is available


Rockford Scanner™: Lost Service Dog, Have You Seen Him?


Chris sent us the following: “My aunt penny’s service dog nico, wandered off around 11PM Friday night, he is just over a year old, Siberian husky. Has a chain collar . Missing from stillman valley area. (wildwood rd ) in or around the Crest view area. I have attached a picture of nico..please if you see him call Chris, my number is 7792080784.. nico is very friendly and will not bite, please if you see him let me know asap.”


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Shooting At Each Other, Crash & Is Arrested


Source is reporting a shooting in Rockford. 

They said: ”  Drive by shooting in front of my house at at 1230p at Garrett lane and Tralee Dr. Rockford Il.

2 vehicles, 2 black Male drivers. Arms out windows shooting at each others vehicles. Black Male driving Impala crashed into another vehicle while fleeing the scene and was apprehended. Other suspect at large.

This is a family neighborhood, lots of children outside playing in yards, literally feet from these people shooting at each other. God bless that no innocent victims were harmed.”


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Rockford


Sources are reporting a bad accident in Rockford.

It happened around 2:20 am this morning on E State st, near Alpine.

There is an accident near this location. Injuries were being reported.

We have been told a vehicle was fleeing from police, when it crashed. As you know, we can not confirm this. RPD is encrypted and has yet to release any information on this accident.  Avoid the area for awhile.


Rockford Scanner™: Structure fire in Rockford, several emergency personnel are en route


Sources are reporting a possible structure fire on Rockford’s Westside.  It happened around midnight in the 4300 block of Wilshire Avenue.  Reports are saying there is an attached garage that’s on fire.  Several emergency personnel are en route to the scene.  This is still developing

UPDATE: Some reports are saying the Citgo Gas station on Auburn is on fire. The detached garage is right behind the Citgo station, so it appeared the gas station was on fire. It is only the garage, possibly 2 garages. An electrical wire is also down and Comed is en route.


Source sent us the following video from the fire scene