Rockford Scanner™: Several Burglaries Being Reported Near Machesney Park Last Night


Sources are reporting multiple break-in’s in the Machesney park area. As you know, a couple were arrested recently. But these burglaries happened after the 2 were recently arrested. 

Brent sent us the following: “Just thought I would give you a heads up. Last night between midnight and 3 am someone broke into my car and a few of my neighbors cars at the corner of Ravere Street and Harlem Court in Machesney Park. Seems like there have been a lot of car breaks ins in the city lately. Thanks for always keeping us in the loop with what’s really going on.”

Samantha sent us the following: ” Our vehicle was broken into last night near Harlem rd in Machesney Park. Several of our neighbors also had their vehicles broken into and ransacked.”

If you live in the Machesney Park/Loves Park area, be sure to lock your doors and report any suspicious activity.