Rockford Scanner™: Scene on the West side, Metro Enforcement Officer Tasered A Subject. Numerous Emergency Personnel On Scene

Update: Multiple ambulances dispatched to the scene

Sources are reporting a scene on the west side.  

It happened around 11:30 PM in the 300 block of Cameron Avenue.

Reports of several emergency personnel on scene.

We have been told a Metro enforcement officer has deployed their Taser on a subject.  At least one person is injured.  It is not yet known if the suspect or the Metro enforcement officer is injured.  All we can confirm is medical is needed for at least one person at the scene.  This is still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Scene On The East Side


Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

Sources are reporting there is a scene near the apartment complexes near the Mcdonalds on Harrison ave, near Alpine.

We have been told there was a robbery.  But that is not yet confirmed.

Sources said at least 10 squad cars are on scene.

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Man Attempts To take Photos Of A Female Juvenile In The Mall Bathroom, Police Investigating


On 6/21/19 at approximately 7:37 PM, officers from the Janesville Police Department responded to the Janesville Mall at 2500 Milton Ave for a suspicious person.

A juvenile female reported a male was attempting to take photographs of her in a bathroom stall. The police department believes the male in the attached photo may have information regarding this incident.

Please contact the Janesville Police Department at (608)755-3100 or Janesville Area Crimestoppers in you have any information regarding this individual’s identity.


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford MUFON Meeting, presentation by David Finkbeiner, MUFON CFI


Rockford MUFON Meeting
Saturday JUNE 22nd, 2019
Open to the Public

Cherry Valley Library
755 East State Street
Cherry Valley, Illinois 61016
Saturday JUNE 22nd, 2019
10:00AM to 1:00PM

Mysteries in the Fields
Throughout the Midwest and the World, unusual formations have appeared in a variety of crops most commonly wheat. Many of them are the result of weather related phenomenon or other obvious rational explanations, yet some on the other hand remain a mystery.

On Saturday, JUNE 22nd, 2019 at the Cherry Valley Library, the Rockford MUFON Chapter will be hosting a presentation by
David Finkbeiner, MUFON CFI
on this very topic. Highlighted will be a number of accounts that he has personally investigated along with those of his long time friend and mentor who is a renown Investigative Researcher in this field.

Again, this meeting is open to the public and there is no charge.



Rockford Scanner™: Several Burglaries Being Reported Near Machesney Park Last Night


Sources are reporting multiple break-in’s in the Machesney park area. As you know, a couple were arrested recently. But these burglaries happened after the 2 were recently arrested. 

Brent sent us the following: “Just thought I would give you a heads up. Last night between midnight and 3 am someone broke into my car and a few of my neighbors cars at the corner of Ravere Street and Harlem Court in Machesney Park. Seems like there have been a lot of car breaks ins in the city lately. Thanks for always keeping us in the loop with what’s really going on.”

Samantha sent us the following: ” Our vehicle was broken into last night near Harlem rd in Machesney Park. Several of our neighbors also had their vehicles broken into and ransacked.”

If you live in the Machesney Park/Loves Park area, be sure to lock your doors and report any suspicious activity.


Rockford Scanner™: Citizen Tells His Side Of The Story, Being Unarmed and A Rockford Police Officer Opened Fired On Him.

Details on the incident

As you know at Rockford Scanner we try covering all sides of the story when possible.  The following is the victims side of the story. Note: We reached out to the RPD for info. and comments on this story, they have yet to respond.

The victim lawyer said it was OK for him to tell his side of the story now.

Alexandro N Elmore side of the story:

“She lied and said we rammed her vehicle to justify her shooting at us. The only damage to our vehicle was a bullet hole in the windshield.”

In January 2019 Rockford police Officer Carla Redd opened fired on a vehicle that had 3 occupants in it, near 8th st and 5th ave.

The tow truck driver who recovered the vehicle said “How can there have been a collision, when there is clearly no damage to the vehicles”

Officer Carla Redd said she was the victim of a “vehicular assault” and said the vehicle rammed her vehicle, so she opened fired on Alexandro N Elmore and his 2 friends.

The tow truck driver and the victims have all said there was no damage to the vehicle. So how is it possible they rammed her, if there was no damage? The photos in the video, also show no damage to the vehicle.

The victim said the following: “We started our day at the Eagles club on 11th St. we ate some wings and had some drinks and we left. We were not ready to go home yet so we stopped at the Golden bar on seventh Street. We realized our friend was passed out in the back seat and it was snowing out that night so we decided to not go in and to just drive home.

We turned right onto fifth Avenue, we drove down about one block inside a group of people standing in front of the Elida Lodge. we drove around the group of people came up to the next block. I was hot so I took off my jacket and my friend who is in the passenger side said watch out for someone who was either crossing the road or was on the side of the road.

I looked up and saw a black person with little twisties in her hair standing on the side of the road and firing a gun at us.

There was no reason at all for her to be firing the gun at us because we did nothing wrong. All we were doing was driving down the road.

She lied and said we rammed her vehicle to justify her shooting at us. The only damage to our vehicle was a bullet hole in the windshield.”

When the tow truck driver recovered the vehicle there was no damage at all from this incident except for a bullet hole.  The tow truck driver and also the victims said this. And the photos also show this.

Alexandro N Elmore: “No damage to the car anywhere, so how could we intentionally ram her vehicle? Please help us out. We did nothing wrong that night, we were just driving home and happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time”

Police have filed charges on him and his friend, and Alexandro N Elmore has turned himself in. He says his buddies and him are innocent. And Officer Carla Redd lied to cover her butt, for using deadly force while shooting at an unarmed citizen. And there was no accident, and he did not ram her like she claims. He sent us the photos as proof.

Note: He said the photos were taken right after the RPD released the vehicle back to him. You can clearly see the evidence markers on the vehicle. And no damage. (Note: We sat on this for awhile now.) Those photos were not “just taken” He sent them to us a long time ago. We been sitting on this awhile now, and just posted it today. He has turned himself in to jail on the 13th. Because he says he is innocent and didn’t want to be on the run for something he claimed he didn’t do. And wanted to clear his name, that is why he turned himself in. He was fearful of his life, because he said they were driving down the road and was shot at by  RPD officer Carla Redd, and fears for his life still since she has already tried to take his life by shooting at him once, and that is why he came to us. He wants his side of the story to be told, because he said he is innocent and fears for his life and wants his side of the story to be told. 



Rockford Scanner™: Bad motorcycle accident near Roscoe, avoid the area


Sources are reporting a bad motorcycle accident near Roscoe.

It happened around 5 PM today near the area of Bridge Street and 251.

A vehicle in a motorcycle had collided near this intersection.  The motorcyclist is injured and still on the ground.  Witnesses said it appears the motorcyclist is injured badly.  But not yet confirmed.  You want to avoid this area for a while or expect delays.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: RARA Field Day


Rockford area amateur radio operators to demonstrate
emergency communications at Roscoe VFW

Public Demonstration of Emergency Communications
June 22 – 23, 2019

Rockford area ham radio operators from the Rockford Amateur Radio
Association will join with thousands of Amateur Radio operators, who will be
showing off their emergency capabilities this weekend. Over the past year, the
news has been full of reports of ham radio operators providing critical
communications during unexpected emergencies in towns across America
including wildfires, winter storms, tornadoes, and other life threatening events

On the weekend of June 22 – 23, the public will have a chance to meet and talk
with ham radio operators from the Rockford Amateur Radio Association and see for themselves what the Amateur Radio Service is about. This event is being held at the Roscoe VFW, 11385 2nd Street, Roscoe, IL., from 1:00 pm Saturday thru 1:00 pm Sunday.

Showing the newest digital capabilities, and voice communications, the
Rockford ham operators will be holding a public demonstrations of emergency
communications abilities. This annual event, called “Field Day” is the climax of
the week long “Amateur Radio Week” sponsored by the ARRL, the national
association for Amateur Radio. Using only emergency power, the ham operators will construct emergency stations and antennas. The communications that ham radio people can quickly create have saved many lives when other systems failed or were overloaded. During Hurricane Katrina, Amateur Radio – often called “Ham Radio” – was often the ONLY way people could communicate, and hundreds of volunteer “hams” traveled south to save lives and property. When trouble is brewing, Amateur Radio’s people are often the first to provide rescuers with critical information and communications.

The public is welcomed to attend and learn why ham radio is used for
emergency communications.



Rockford Scanner™: Fire near a Rockford business


Sources are reporting a fire at a Rockford business.

It happened earlier today at Golden Corral in Rockford.

The bushes outside near the parking lot caught on fire.  It is not yet known what the cause of the fire is.  No reports of injuries.  No other information at this time.  Rockford fire department is investigating.



Rockford Scanner™: Upcoming Weather


The well-advertised unsettled weather pattern is arriving for the weekend. There will be periodic chances of storms. This includes the likelihood of some embedded storm within showers in parts of north central and central Illinois this afternoon. Scattered storms are then possible tonight, though much of them look to stay south and west of Chicago. There is a limited severe weather threat with these, but cannot be ruled out especially south of I-80.

Temperatures look to inch upward this weekend with humid air also arriving. Saturday afternoon and early evening look to have a minimum in thunderstorm coverage, but then coverage should increase later into Saturday night. There will be a limited severe weather threat for Saturday and Saturday night along with some flooding risk Saturday night.