Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident, Vehicle On Fire With People Trapped


Sources are reporting a very serious accident on the west side.

A vehicle has rolled over near Stanley and Green on Rockford Westside.

Reports of the vehicle is on fire and people are possibly trapped and multiple injuries are being reported.

Numerous emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

This is still developing

Update:  multiple injuries are reported. The vehicles rolled over but is not on fire. No extrication is needed because everybody was able to escape the vehicle.


Rockford Scanner™: Missing Teen Near Rockton

UPDATE: The mother contacted us and said she has been found.

Brandie Larange said:

“Missing Run Away! Makinzie 15 yrs old from Rockton, IL Last known location was Advia Credit Union around 1AM 6/16/19.

Please I beg of you if anyone sees her or knows her whereabouts call me (779)207-1441 or the Rockton Police Department. Please share!!!”


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous officers working two different scenes in Rockford


Sources are reporting two scenes in the Rockford area. With several police at each scene.

  • Kentucky fried chicken on 11th St. as numerous police. It is not yet known on what happened at this time. We have been told is been a robbery and a shooting scene. But as you know we cannot confirm anything and police have not released any information.
  • O’Reilly’s auto parts on Broadway there are several officers on scene. Again we cannot confirm anything at this time because of police have not released any information and are encrypted. We have been told this is a traffic stop and somebody might’ve fled from the traffic stop.



Rockford Scanner™: Accident with injuries on the east side

Isabelle Urban

Sources are reporting a bad accident on Rockford Eastside.

It had been just before 10 PM in the area of Perryville and East State Street.

Injuries are being reported. It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries. We have been told both life-threatening and also non-life-threatening injuries. So it is not yet known on the severity of the injuries. You want to avoid this area for a while while police and emergency personnel cleanup the scene and investigate the accident. The cause of the accident is under investigation

Isabelle Urban


Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle accident with injuries, still developing


Sources are reporting a bad motorcycle accident in Rockford.

It happened around 8:20 PM tonight in the area of Loomis and independence.

A motorcycle has crashed near this location and injuries are being reported. Sources at the scene said the injuries appear pretty serious. We can cannot confirm the severity of the injuries at this time. No other information is available.The cause of the accident is under investigation



Rockford Scanner™: Missing 3 Year old & 1 Year old From Rockford


Sources are reporting 2 missing children in Rockford. 

The children are missing from the 1000 block of S 6th st.

3 year old, male Hispanic, long hair, wearing black shirt and shorts.

1 year old, male Hispanic, long hair, blue and white onsie.

RPD has yet to release information or photos


Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Searching For A Missing Person At A Local Park

Update: Police have yet to release information or a photo. But we have been told he is a man in his 60’s with white hair.

Sources are reporting a lot of police working a scene in Rock Cut State Park. 

For the last few hours now, several emergency personnel including a police K-9 are assisting in searching for a missing man out at the park. 

Police have not released any info. on the missing man, or a photo.

The man is believed to be suffering from a medical condition.

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries, Police Investigating


Sources are reporting an auto accident. 

It happened around 1 pm today in the area of Grenshaw and Lawndale.

Injuries were being reported. It is unknown on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.  Still developing.