Rockford Scanner™: Editorial By Tanker: Credit Card


As you know, we do editorials from our fans at times.  Tanker is one who sends in a lot of editorials for us to post. Thanks Tanker!   Below is another editorial Tanker sent us. 


That’s good advice: swipe the card yourself, don’t hand it over.
Avoid drive-up purchases where you have to hand it over.

However, I think Franco took an unnecessary risk confronting the
alleged criminals herself. They have her personal info, after all.

She also should not have offered
“admit it and I will not press charges.”
She should have pressed
charges immediately, unconditionally.
She had the cops AND the credit-card
company on her side.
There was no upside to making the offer.

Finally, she erred by putting the accusations and
names and videos of the alleged
criminals out on social media.
She has left herself open to the risk of
a defamation lawsuit, which, even if meritless,
could ruin her finances and her life.

While I applaud her righteousness and zeal,
and I DO hope she prevails,
she did not handle this safely. She should
have let the cops and the credit-card company’s fraud dept
handle the whole thing.