Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Injuries At An Accident in loves Park

Sources are reporting an accident with multiple injuries in loves Park.  It happened around 9:35 pm tonight at Alpine and Riverside. Multiple injuries are being reported. Unknown on the extent of the injuries. Still developing. Avoid the area. 

Update from a victim:  The white vehicle had the green arrow, when the other vehicle allegedly ran the red light.

RS Source Nick Blades


Rockford Scanner™: Residential Structure Fire in Rockford


4110 7th Street for a residential structure fire. The first engine on scene is pulling a hose line.

Initial reports are smoke throughout the building.

Dryer fire confined to basement. No injuries.



Rockford Scanner™: Man Found Behind A Dumpster in Loves Park


Sources are reporting a scene in Loves Park. 

It happened around 2:30 pm today at the Clark gas station in the 6200 block of N Second st.

Reports of a man that was found behind the dumpster of the business.

We have been told conflicting reports. Some said he was dead, others said he was alive. So it is unclear on the mans status.




Rockford Scanner™: Congrats On Several Local Officers For completing The Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command program

CONGRATS GRADS! Lt. Dan Watton, Sgt. Kevin Nordberg and Sgt. Mary Ogden completed Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command program! These three were among 27 officers from across the region and Wisconsin selected to participate in SPSC. Since January, they studied topics like leadership, organizational behavior, budgeting, resource allocation, and officer wellness. RPD wants to make sure officers never stop learning. The training Watton, Nordberg and Ogden received benefits the entire department, which benefits our community and those we serve.

Congrats to Sgt. Boomer, Lt. Dal Pra, Lt. Egler, Lt. Lukowski and Sgt. Stanley on their graduation from Staff and Command through Northwestern University yesterday.



Rockford Scanner™: Scene on the west side, Possible shooting incident


 Sources are reporting a scene on Rockford’s Westside.

It happened around 11 AM this morning and the 700 block of West State Street. Several emergency personnel were on scene.

Sources have told us it was a shooting scene. Rockford police have yet to release any information on this. The Rockford police call log shows it to be an in progress person call.

In the past the police have labeled shootings as an in progress person.

No other information at this time



Rockford Scanner™: Everyone Has A Secret, Written By Local Author Tiffany Royster

Local author Tiffany Royster has published this amazing book!  

Good news everyone!! My self-published book is now available to purchase on Amazon!!          Purchase and leave a review!!

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Everyone Has A Secret (Book 1)

Best friends, Elenore and Sophie, have always been really close and inseparable throughout their lives. Growing up together, the two girls have become dependent on each other in different ways. Elenore, the quiet and reserved type, often finds herself becoming the victim of heinous high school bullies.

Sophie, loud-mouthed and very blunt, does not take crap from anyone. The girls often find themselves wrapped up in evil schemes orchestrated by their enemies. Elenore and Sophie soon realize just how far they are willing to go in order to get revenge on anyone who has wronged them.

How far is too far when you want to make someone pay for the things they have done?

About Tiffany Royster
Tiffany Royster was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. Writing has always been her passion ever since she was a little girl. “Everyone Has A Secret” is her first self-published book in 2019, which is part of a series. Tiffany resides in Loves Park with her family. You can find her author Facebook page by searching Tiffany Royster – Self Published Author.


Rockford Scanner™: More Vehicles Being Stolen In The Rockford Area

Source wants to warn other citizens about recent vehicle thefts

“Just wanted to let everyone know there has been multiple car thefts in the area. Doors are being pride open to access cars for theft and to steal the actual car if they can. Two young thin black males, 13- 18, were seen exiting one of the stolen vehicles tonight (Friday) around 8 p.m. at Hershey Manor. They police officer recovered another Toyotas stolen plates, Honda civic keys, and other keys. Please lock your car doors and keep your cars in well lite areas.”



Rockford Scanner™: Editorial By Tanker: Credit Card


As you know, we do editorials from our fans at times.  Tanker is one who sends in a lot of editorials for us to post. Thanks Tanker!   Below is another editorial Tanker sent us. 


That’s good advice: swipe the card yourself, don’t hand it over.
Avoid drive-up purchases where you have to hand it over.

However, I think Franco took an unnecessary risk confronting the
alleged criminals herself. They have her personal info, after all.

She also should not have offered
“admit it and I will not press charges.”
She should have pressed
charges immediately, unconditionally.
She had the cops AND the credit-card
company on her side.
There was no upside to making the offer.

Finally, she erred by putting the accusations and
names and videos of the alleged
criminals out on social media.
She has left herself open to the risk of
a defamation lawsuit, which, even if meritless,
could ruin her finances and her life.

While I applaud her righteousness and zeal,
and I DO hope she prevails,
she did not handle this safely. She should
have let the cops and the credit-card company’s fraud dept
handle the whole thing.