Rockford Scanner™: 2 Scenes On The East Side, Possibly Related


Update: After we posted this a sources updated us with the following:
” Brewsky’s received a group of watch party goers after the game. RPD was nearby due to a fight on Charles St, right down the road. Brewsky’s closed around midnight before the update/post about the police presence near the bar due to a small fight inside the bar. Nothing major, just a broken glass that fell off a table in the scuffle. However, it’s not worth the risk to other patrons once it hits that level. Basically, a few bad apples spoiled the bunch & the bar closed for the night. It’s sad really! What should’ve been an amazing night to celebrate Rockford with VanVleet’s (and the Raptors) win, turns into people not knowing how to act. What a slap in the face to a man out there playing hard, trying to bring some positive light back to Rockford! Congrats VanVleet! Great game Raptors! ”

Sources are reporting 3scenes: 

  • Police have Broadway blocked between 20th St. & 18th St.
  • a large police presence at the gas station at the corner of Broadway & Eastmoreland
  • Update: A lot of police are near the Brewskies Bar as well

Unknown if the scenes are related