Rockford Scanner™: Shooting incident on Rockford Eastside, still developing


Sources are reporting a shooting incident on Rockford Eastside.

It happened just before 11:30 PM tonight in the area of Linden Rd. near Clover Crest Lane. Approximately six gunshots were fired and a vehicle sped away from the scene. It is not yet known on injuries,  no suspect information at the time of writing this . This is still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Possible police Chase in Rockford


Source reporting a possible police chase in Rockford. 

Source said: ” Car turned on my street and realized a undercover was behind them and gunned it. Undercover then proceeded to turn on their lights and gunned it behind him and they turned off our street on to Ridge headed toward Auburn st”

No other information was provided.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Hot Air Balloon Crash Near Sycamore


Sources were reporting a possible hot air balloon crash. 

It happened this evening near N Main and Heron Creek near Sycamore.

Reports of a hot air balloon crashed into a house, with multiple people on board the hot air balloon.

Emergency personnel went to the scene to find the hot air balloon had taken back off again. Emergency crews chased the balloon for awhile.

The balloon came close to hitting a few structures, but nothing was actually hit. No injuries have been reported. The crews have the balloon on the ground and everyone is safe.


Rockford Scanner™: Bus Hits Someone on A Scooter in Rockford, Injuries Reported

Bus Hits Someone on A Scooter in Rockford, Injuries Reported

It happened around 6 pm tonight in the area of E State and Longwood. 

Reports of a bus that hit someone on a scooter. We been told the scooter was a medical scooter, but can not confirm this.

Injuries were being reported.

Still developing, avoid the area.



Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident With Injuries

Sources are reporting a motorcycle accident.

It happened around 5:20 pm today near Dempsey drive and Lyford, on the East side.  Injuries were being reported. It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Injuries, Possible Hit & Run


Earlier today several emergency personnel were on scene of an accident on the East side.

It happened in the area of Wesleyan and Wisconsin, on the East side.

Reports of a rollover accident with possible entrapment.

Injuries were being reported. We been told they were serious, but not confirmed.  Sources at the scene said a person fled from the scene, but again RPD has yet to confirm this.


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous police including the SWAT team are working a scene near Roscoe, possible very dangerous situation

We sat on the story a while waiting for police to release any information on it, and they have yet to do so so we are going to post it.

Multiple police officers from several jurisdictions are on scene near Roscoe. The Rockford crime scene, Rockford SWAT team, and some of even said the bomb squad, and several police officers are all working the scene.

This is located near old River Road and Gleason Road, northeast of that location in the subdivision.

As you know the police are encrypted and they have yet to release any information. So all we can confirm right now is a possible dangerous situation going on near Roscoe.Numerous police officers from several jurisdictions including the SWAT team are working the scene.

If police release any information we will update this


Rockford Scanner™: Man found dead, police are investigating

UPDATE: Officials said that Mr. Fort was beaten and assaulted in the 600 block of West Stephenson. Then was dumped in a vacant lot in the 500 block of East Iroquois.  Police do not believe this is a random attack.

The victim has been identified as 45-year-old Thomas Fort. Police have taped off a house in the 600 block of West Stephenson, that is related to the scene. Still developing.

Death investigation near Freeport

It happened around 7:00 am this morning in the 500 block of East Iroquois Ave near Freeport.

Reports of an adult male was found dead near this location.

We’ve been told he was murdered, The police are saying it is a death investigation.

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Police Are Warning Citizens To Avoid The Area


From the RPD:
TRAFFIC ALERT: Please avoid Auburn St. between Central and Johnston for the next hour as officers diagram the area for an old investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.