Rockford Scanner™: Source Reporting Another Possible Scam Artist

Brian Leggero sent us the following:
” This guy tried to scam me out of money at Starbucks on bell school then I caught him at Walmart on Walton.  He acts like you both know each other.  I’ve met so many when running for office I thought I knew him.  He says he locked his keys in his car and needs just 20 bucks more to pay the locksmith.  We need to get the word out about this guy before he scams more people.  Luckily he didnt get anything from me. But he must have from others.  Brian  ”

As you all  know there are many people who go around asking for money or walk up to your vehicle at the stop lights. Police have warned the citizens about these types of people and said they are scam artists and to not give them any money. Police said if you see anyone doing this, to call the police.

They go around saying they need money for gas, food, locksmith, etc… when in reality, they are just scam artists.

Editorial by Tanker:

A good way to deal with the parking-lot
beggars is to tell them “No problem! I will get store
security to assist you.” They will leave.

But the best way to deal with them is
to become situationally aware,
see them before they see you,
and keep your distance, lock your
car door with windows up.


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