Rockford Scanner™: A recap of the local violence and police calls in the last 72 hours. Numerous shootings, robberies, home invasions, medical assist,Etc.


Below is a recap of the local violence and police calls in the last 72 hours.

There’ve been several shooting incidents over the last 72 hours. In the areas of Central and Loomis, 4200 block of Auburn, 1000 block of North Day Avenue, 800 block of Locust, 900 block of Garfield, 900 block of Hoban Avenue, 600 block of Maryland Avenue.

There have been several in progress calls. Police have labeled the following incidents in the past as in progress. Shootings, stabbings, robbery, overdoses, murder, etc. .  Acorn and Rockton, 6200 block of East State Street, 1100 block of 15th St., 1800 block of Ridge Avenue, 2600 block of Bain Burg Drive, Fourth Avenue and eighth Street, 1300 block of 19th St., 100 block of S. 1st St.

There is a home invasion in the 1800 block of N. Main St.

Police were able to recover two stolen vehicles. One was in the 900 block of Harrison Avenue and the other was in the 3300 block of Sablewood drive.

There was a peeping Tom in the 2800 block of Overdene Avenue.

In the past the police have labeled shooting victims and stabbing victims And also murder victims as medical assist. There have been medical assist calls at the following: 600 block of St. Louis Avenue, 1500 block of Fairview Avenue, 1900 block of Rose Terrace, 1800 block of Fifth Street, 1400 block of Andrews, 1900 block of West Riverside, 1900 block of E. Moreland Ave., Auburn and Court Street.

An armed robbery happened in the area of Broadway and 20th St.

An aggravated battery happened in the 1900 block of Mulberry Street

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