Rockford Scanner™: RS FAN SUBMISSION: Dash Camera Video, Roscoe IL

Editors Note:  We highly recommend investing into a dash camera!  Dash cameras always show exactly what happens in an incident. Many people lie and deny stuff when they are involved in an incident, but then a camera shows exactly what happens.  Always 3 sides to a story: Theirs, Yours, And  A Camera!  A camera never lies 😉


Jennifer Ames said:

“Cammer turning left onto Elevator rd in Roscoe You’ll see car in front of cammer, will have the right of way to turn once cross traffic clears.
The silver SUV across the street will turn left after
Cammer is next to turn left after the silver SUV makes their left hand turn.
Behind that silver SUV is a white SUV ( the guy who doesn’t understand the rules of the road ) It was the cammers turn to go into traffic and the white SUV piggy backed a turn, leaving cammers car out into cross traffic.”

Credit Jennifer Ames
Roscoe Illinois