Rockford Scanner™: Armed Woman Arrested For Drugs

On 05/4/19 at 8:47 pm, officers from The Janesville Police Department responded to Kwik Trip at 3359 Milton Ave, for the report of an armed subject. Officers located a vehicle in the parking lot with a female inside. Officers saw a handgun on the center console next to the female in the drivers’ seat. Officers began negotiations with the female while evacuating the business and parking lot.

After the lot was evacuated, officers moved away from the vehicle. A short time later, the female exited the vehicle unarmed and was taken into custody.

The officers were able to safely de-escalate the situation and prevent any injury to the community, officers or the suspect. The suspect has nothing in her past that prevented her from purchasing or possessing the handgun.

Addrienne M Golden will be arrested for the following charges and held at the Rock County Jail:

961.41(3G)(b) Possession of MDMA (Ecstasy)