Rockford Scanner™: Possible house Fire in Loves Park

Sources are reporting a possible house fire in Loves Park.

It happened in the 5800 block of Windy Knoll Drive around 9:30 pm.

Smoke is showing from a residence, no flames are seen.

LPFD and NPFD are en route.

Still Developing


Rockford Scanner™: Couple Of Serious Accident Scenes, Some involves A Motorcycle

Sources are reporting a few bad accidents.

There are reports of 3 different motorcycle accidents on Forest Hills.

The first one is near Forest Hills Lanes and the other is reported to be in the area of Forest Hills and 173 near the Skate Park that is south of the intersection and the other one is near the new Caseys at the actual intersection.  Reports of motorcycles involved in both scenes. One of the victims is reported to be laying face down and not moving.

The other accident scene is near the Walmart on W Riverside, near Riverside and Owen Center.  Sources said the accident looks to be severe.

The cause of the accidents are under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Scenes Reported: Shooting, Fires, Police Perimeter, Etc…

Sources were reporting a camper on fire in Boone County.

It happened on I-90, near the Belvidere Oasis around 8 pm Friday night.

Unknown on injuries. The cause the fire is under investigation.

Sources are reporting a car on fire near Atwood n Rockford around 11:30 pm.

Unknown if the vehicle was occupied.

Shots were fired near Charles and 9th st. Several shots were heard. We been told one person was self transported to Swedish American Hospital, across the street. No reports of suspect information. RPD has yet to release information on this.

Several officers have setup a perimeter near Ridge ave overnight. Reports of multiple gunshots in the area. A gunman was reported to still be in the area and several officers were searching for the suspect. unknown if they were able to locate the suspect.

Around 7:30 pm several emergency personnel were working a scene at Rock Cut State Park. It is not yet known what happened. All we can confirm right now, is several emergency personnel were working a scene there.

3rd alarm fire was being reported last night near 756 Daysville, south of 64 in Oregon. Several area fire departments were assisting. Unknown on injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Enjoying This Amazing Weather


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up the posts will be minimal for the next 2 days. We plan on going out and enjoying this amazing weather!

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Much appreciated for sending in the content!

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Hopefully everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter weekend!


Rockford Scanner™: Anniversary Of The Devastating Belvidere Tornado

April 21st will mark the anniversary of the devastating Belvidere tornado that hit back in 1967. An EF-4 tornado with wind speeds over 250 MPH hit the Belvidere area and hitting the school.

The tornado killed 24 people and injured over 500 people. It struck when the school was letting out and many children were caught inside the buses at the Belvidere High School at 1500 East Ave, as the tornado hit the school.

Jackie Krause said she witnessed three tornadoes turn into one huge tornado.

Classroom doors were used as stretchers.
The high school gym became a morgue.

13 of the 24 deaths were at the school. 300 of the 500 injured, were also at the school.


The Belvidere Tornado

The tornado first struck at 350 PM two miles southeast of Cherry Valley. The tornado passed the Chrysler plant near I-90 where 300 new cars and 100 employee cars were destroyed.

The tornado continued east northeast through the southeast side of Belvidere. One hundred twenty seven homes were destroyed, and hundreds more were damaged.

The most notable and horrific part of this tornado was the mayhem at the Belvidere High School. Buses had already picked up the elementary school children and were loading the high school students when the tornado struck. Twelve buses were rolled over. Students were flung like leaves into the muddy field.

Thirteen of the 24 fatalities and 300 of the 500 injuries in this tornado occurred at the high school.

According to Tom Grazulis of The Tornado Project, this was the nation’s sixth worst school death toll from a tornado. (Numbers one and two were also in Illinois – from the great Tri-State Tornado of 1925.) The tornado ended in McHenry County, about two miles north of Woodstock

Read some personal accounts at CLICK HERE

Source: NWS