Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Injuries On The East Side

UPDATE:   Police said the man approx 26 years old was transported to a local ER with non life threatening injuries. Police said alcohol may have played a factor in the accident.

This is a good time to remind everyone the local police got grants for St Patrick’s Day weekend and are out in full force this weekend. DO NOT drink and drive. Please call Uber or a cab, or better yet have a designated driver friend.

Sources are reporting a bad accident on the East side.

It happened around 8 pm tonight in the area of 11th st and Harrison.

Reports of a vehicle that rolled over in the Northbound lanes, just North of the intersection.

Reports of injuries, it is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at this time.

Please avoid the area or expect delays.


Video by Ricky and Andrea


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Apartment Fire on The East Side, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a possible apartment fire on Rockford’s East side.

It happened around 8 pm tonight near 1020 Crosby.

Reports of smoke showing from the South East corner of the apartment building.  Several units from the Rockford Fire Department are on scene.

Still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: EmergencyPersonnel Working 2 Different Accident Scenes, Both With Injuries


Around 5 pm tonight, emergency personnel were responding to 2 different accident scenes.

The first one is in the 300 block of Elm st, across from the BMO Harris Center. Sounds like it is in or near the parking area on Elm, across from the BMO. A Black minivan and a Black Dodge Ram are involved. Reports of injuries and possible extrication is needed.
UPDATE: They have updated the possible location near Green and Church.

The other accident is near Broadway and Eastmooreland.  Injuries were being reported at this scene also. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. They have dispatched 2 ambulances to the scene.

Both these accident scenes are under investigation. Please avoid these areas.

Email your photos or videos to


Rockford Scanner™: Serious Rollover Accident, Motorcycle Also Involved

Rollover Accident With Injuries, Motorcycle Also Involved.

It happened in the area of Dawson Lake and Richard around 11:15 am this morning, in Boone County.

There is an accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle near this location.

Injuries were being reported. Possible life threatening injuries. MD1 has been dispatched to the scene.

The vehicle has rolled over onto its roof. Unknown if extrication is needed.

Sounds like a pretty serious accident, avoid the area.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Are Investigating An Armed Robbery in Rockford

Sources are reporting a scene in the 500 block of Kennon rd in Rockford, just around midnight.

Rockford Police said they are investigating an armed robbery with a handgun.

No suspect information at this time. Unknown on injuries.

If you have information, please call the Rockford Police.


Rockford Scanner™: Fireball Flew Across Our Sky, Did You See It?

Sources are reporting a fireball flew across our sky last night.

A witness near Main and John said they saw it to the North. There are several witnesses all over our area from Byron, Rockford, Loves Park, Durand, Genoa, Rockton, Janesville, etc… That have reported seeing a fireball meteor in the sky.

The American Meteor Society has gotten reports from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin from this meteor sighting.

Did you see the fireball?  If so, let us know!

These sources of meteoric activity are expected to be active this week.
The center of the large Anthelion (ANT) radiant is currently located at 12:36 (189) -04. This position lies in central Virgo, 3 degrees southwest of the 3rd magnitude double star known as Porrima (gamma Virginis). Due to the large size of this radiant, Anthelion activity may also appear from eastern Leo, and Crater as well as Virgo. This radiant is best placed near 0200 LST, when it lies on the meridian and is located highest in the sky. Rates at this time should be near 2 per hour no matter your location. With an entry velocity of 30 km/sec., the average Anthelion meteor would be of slow velocity.

As seen from the mid-northern hemisphere (45N) one would expect to see approximately 5 sporadic meteors per hour during the last hour before dawn as seen from rural observing sites. Evening rates would be near 1 per hour. As seen from the tropical southern latitudes (25S), morning rates would be near 8 per hour as seen from rural observing sites and 2 per hour during the evening hours. Locations between these two extremes would see activity between the listed figures. Evening rates are reduced during this period due to moonlight.

Meteor Activity Outlook for March 16-22, 2019