Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting Incident in Rockford, Police Investigating

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Sources are reporting another shooting incident in Rockford.

It happened around 11:30 pm in the areas of Knollwood rd. and Prestwick Pkwy. That is near Mulford and Guilford.

Sources are reporting approx. 6 gunshots rang out.

We have been told there was one person shot. Police have yet to confirm this.

A witness sent us the following: (copy/paste)
“At least one car was shooting which looked like a silver impala with dark tint. was Illinois plates. After observing this insanity in what we thought was a great safe neighborhood we were even more shocked to see that the cops never came to patrol the area. we did see what looked like a Hispanic person maybe in late teens running from the scene on his cellphone. after calling the police back to make sure they were going to at least search for the suspect we were told that the officers have been notified but yet an hour later and no cop ever drove by the scene. I told the 911 dispatcher I was shocked no one ever drove by she said well how do I know? Well let’s see it happened outside my home and I have been staring out the picture window since, in Hope’s that the cops hurry to find the suspect before he gets to far but no cops were ever seen. If you could please check into this matter the area is considered county but we are in middle of city. I’m very concerned that our Safe neighborhood is becoming another war zone in the city if we dont follow up on leads.”

Note: Police were at Mulford and Guilford and had that area blocked off.


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