Rockford Scanner™: Mother Worries About The Safety Of Her Children, Because Of The Snow And Distance To Her Child’s Bus Stop

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Dee Howard contacted us in regards to her being very concerned for the safety of her children, with the failure to remove the snow and the distance her children have to walk to grab the bus everyday to go to school.

She sent us the following:
“They are putting the kids (4) are mine, my neighbor little girl, and a new comer 3rd grader with autism in danger. I got them to change it (bus stop)  close to 2 years ago because it was unsafe.

January 4th when they went back; they changed it with no reason why. I’m disabled and can’t get my kids way down there in the cold, ice, and snow.

Most days I have no access to a car. The elementary kids as well as my grandchild (pre-schooler) is missing school! My neighbor’s babysitter is rushing from Windsor to here to get her & was in an accident rushing 2 weeks ago.

I have fallen twice on the ice trying to get the kids off the bus because the car-wash is a ice rink; now I’m facing a 3rd neck surgery. It’s crazy & stupid!

I’m facing homeschooling my 3 grand-kids now; and 2 have a IEP or breaking my lease to move! If you find out anything, kindly let me know please.

The little boy with autism, sliding to the car & when I do get a car, I let my neighbor’s daughter get in till her sitter get there so she won’t stand out in the cold.

The weather has caused the big drop where you see it was starting to melt. I’m arguing with people telling me I can’t sit in the car-wash & need to move. Mind you, we are not City First building’s. We are Alpine Hills Town-homes. Way up on top.”

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