Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a scene on the East side

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Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

Sources are reporting at least 10 police officers working a scene near N Alpine and Highcrest.  At the time of writing this, it is not yet known what happened.

We have been told there was a robbery in the area and police have setup a perimeter in the area to look for the suspect.

Unknown on the- suspect description.

RPD has yet to confirm working a scene here or released any information. We are awaiting to hear back from them. Check back later for possible updates.

Update: Sources are now reporting approx 20+ cops on scene along with a police K-9.  Sources said there is a bad crash nearby, that is possibly related to this scene. A dark colored suv/van type of vehicle. RPD has yet to release any information.

UPDATE: RPD has confirmed a weapons violation (Shots Fired)  but no other information has been released. We been told there was property damage, and possibly one victim that was self transported to the local ER. (not confirmed)

Note: As of 6:30 pm Monday night, RPD has yet to release any information on this, other than via their call log saying a weapons violation.

(Updating as info. becomes available. Check back often)

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