Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Searching A U-Haul Truck, possible Drug Bust

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Sources are reporting several police officers are searching a U-Haul truck at the BP on Auburn st in Rockford around 1:30 pm today.

We are awaiting to hear back from the RPD for an official statement.

Sources have told us it was a possible drug bust, but not confirmed.

RPD did not log this in their call logs.

After we posted this, Source sent us the following: “Seemed like a lot of in and out, officers kept going in and out for bout 5 min but I never saw anything get pulled out and it wasn’t towed away, 2 people got in and drove it away.”

So this might not be a drug bust as we were originally told. And just a routine traffic stop with the police searching the U-Haul truck. We have reached out to the RPD for information, still have yet to hear back from them.

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