Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Accidents, Black Ice. Be Careful Driving

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First off I want to thank everyone who has sent in their content and tips!

Sources have sent us the following:

  • RT 2…..  At least 20 cars.. everywhere sliding off the Road
  • Bypass 20 and Farmington Way ~ Vehicle crashed into a pole
  • Us 20 west close to Freeport – Rollover accident, video below
  • As of 2:45 am, Still a solid sheet of ice from Roscoe rd almost to Latham. Lots of cars in ditches. Nearly unpassable . Very dangerous.
  • Avoid Perryville and Guilford. Many accidents up at this intersection due to black ice!
  • Single vehicle rollover, on its side off the road on Blackhawk just west of 35th. EMS on scene
  • Forest hills is a sheet of ice
  • From Cunningham to Harrison is a skating rink
  • In the area that greater Rockford Auto Auction there’s a a Jeep Cherokee off the road by their building on the south side of Sandy Hollow
  • 76 north of Hunter – Vehicle hit a tree
  • Rollover at Montague and Springfield.
  • Poplar Grove Rd north of Marengo ~ Rollover
  • Accidents near O’Reilly on Auburn st and Rockton ave


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