Rockford Scanner™: Welcome To Rockford, Icy Roads And Large Potholes

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As you know the road conditions are poor these days. .

A lot of the side roads are still icy, (Main roads are not icy) and there are large potholes all over.

If you vehicle is damaged by a pothole: 1.800.476.2669

If on the highway: 815.284.2271

  • Marcy Rice Wilson said: “Hey please share out for all of your viewers for anybody that travels on Newburg between Arnold and Mulford that they might want to stay out of the outside Lane going east because there is a pothole so big that it covers most of the road on that lane and it’s so deep that you can see the rebar and what’s underneath of the rebar”
  • Chantelle Couch: “Lowes Machesney Park got a truck load of salt in this morning. Selling through quick before the snow. Most are out in the area” UPDATE: They are now sold out of salt, but have sand.
  • Melinda Troxel: “Hell you want pot holes drive around South Beloit”
  • Nancy Flaningam Groom: “My daughter hit a pot hole on North Second just a little north of Harlem road in the right lane.”
  • Linda Nocca Mays: “Side streets by Riverside and main are a mess no salt”
  • Dina Adams Hanstad: “Called the city and they said our street would be plowed that night. It was already re frozen. They made a sweep through and no salt was apparently laid down. It is a mess. 1 of our cars has to sit on the street. It is encircled with ice. We cant get to it.”

We have received many complaints about their roads being icy and the plows have not laid down any salt at all on their roadways.

A personal friend of mine has called the street dept. 14 different times to get her road plowed and salted, and as of 12:53 pm Feb. 10th 2019 it still has yet to see a plow or salt truck, on the East side.  They keep promising her they will come out, but have yet to do so.

We have had many people telling us, their roads have not had a plow go down their road at all this season. They said they laid down a bunch of salt this season, but a lot of residential areas have yet to see salt at all this season according to many people.

We have tried to get a statement from the street dept. for this article, and was hung up on.

Street Section Supervisor – (779) 348-7260

The City is responsible for ice and snow control on City streets.
Residents are responsible for their sidewalks and alleys.
Neither snow nor ice from sidewalks or private property shall be deposited in the street or piled so high as to obstruct motorists’ view.
Where ice cannot be removed, the business shall use sand, salt, or other suitable substance that will prevent the ice from being dangerous.
Odd/Even parking is in effect during most snow clearing operations. Changes at 8 am.

As we type this, emergency personnel are requesting salt trucks because their emergency vehicle is stuck

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