Rockford Scanner™: Prepare For Deadly Cold, by Tanker

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Rockford Scanner™: Winter Storm Warning 

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Prepare For Deadly Cold, by Tanker

This week Rockford is forecast to have temperatures down to -26F, with 16MPH wind. This kind of cold could potentially result in some deaths. Be prepared.

Arrange your affairs so you won’t have to leave the house during the cold snap. Before Tuesday, get whatever provisions you’ll need to survive three days. Have your phones and other essential devices fully charged.

Get your vehicles fully fueled. If your battery is old or weak, better get it replaced before Tuesday.

Many water pipes will freeze solid. Make sure you let your taps run a trickle, and that warm air is circulating near walls and in cabinets where pipes run.

Plan for what you will do if, God forbid, there is a power failure during the cold snap. If you can, muster a source of emergency heat, like a kerosene heater, know how to operate it safely, and make sure you get fuel for it ahead of time. Have blankets, coats, hats, gloves, etc. ready. Think ahead about who you can contact for help, and how, if needed.

During this cold period, Rockford’s car thieves will be on full patrol, looking for unattended running cars to steal. If you really need to warm up your car, you had better be sitting in it. Don’t leave it running unattended.

Plan ahead and stay safe!


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