Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Police Arresting A Person in Rockford, Possible Police Chase

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Sources sent us this video.  It happened around 2 am in the area of Alpine and 16th. WCSO said it was a traffic stop.  RPD said it was a backup assist.  RFD said it  was a medical call. So it is not yet clear exactly what happened.

Witnesses said: “They were going south on Alpine. The car TRIED to turn west on 16th ave and went wide and got stuck.

One cop got out with their gun drawn. The black male driver got out, followed the police directions. Then the cop got him on his stomach, got one hand cuffed then tried the next, either got it or not.
The officer started to throw some long hard punches to the drivers back while handcuffed or semi handcuffed
Then the cop was yelling at the female passenger, then back up came and got the female without going to the ground cuffed
Then there was 3-4 squads on Alpine and Newburg near Papa johns…
Then they all come down to the traffic stop 7 squads, fire truck and a ambulance.
The medical was for the male driver, he was cuffed and walked into the Ambulance….I am guessing from the knee to the back, or the 8-10 hard police blows to the back/neck”

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