Rockford Scanner™: Shout Out To The LPPD Officers & Christopher Lobdell

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Rockford Scanner wants to send a shout out to these officers and the citizen.

From the LPPD:

A police officer never knows what their next call will be. It could be a call that puts them in harm’s way, or it could be something a little more heartwarming…

We would like to give a shout out to two of our officers and to an area resident, Christopher Lobdell. While conducting school zone patrols in front of Maple School, Officer’s Eric Jacobson and Jordan Hayes noticed that sidewalks were not shoveled from the previous snow storm and school children were walking in the street to get to the cross walk.

The officers gathered up some shovels and started to clear the sidewalk around the cross walk so the school kids would not have to walk in the street to get to the crosswalk. That’s when a resident, Christopher Lobdell, drove by and saw the officers shoveling the snow. Christopher drove home, got his snow blower and returned to the school zone. After the trio finished the job, the officers decided they were going to run down to Windsor School to clear the snow around the crosswalk there.

And after loading the snow blower back into his vehicle, Christopher followed the officers to Windsor School, where he helped clear the snow from the sidewalk and the entrance to the crosswalk, so the kids would have safer access to the crosswalk.

To this trio, we thank you for caring about your Community.

And by the way, when we learned about their morning activity, we had to coax the officers into posing for the photo.

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