Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a home invasion and also a stabbing in Rockford

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Sources are reporting a home invasion and also a stabbing in Rockford.

Just after 11 PM several emergency personnel were in the 700 block of Belmont Blvd. in Rockford. We been told this is a home invasion but cannot yet confirm it. Rockford police have confirmed a scene but will not provide any other details at this time.

Approximately 1/2 hour later after that incident a stabbing victim arrived at Rockford Memorial Hospital on N. Rockton Ave. We been told the injuries are possibly life-threatening. But cannot yet confirm that. (Update Below From RPD) 

No suspect information in either of these incidents

Update: These are two different incidents, not related

UPDATE on the stabbing, from RPD:

Rockford Police Officers were called to 1005 Hess Court for a Disorderly Conduct complaint, where a victim had been pepper sprayed.  Upon arrival Officers located a victim suffering from being pepper sprayed.  While investigating this complaint, a walk in stabbing victim arrived at RMH at 2341 hours.  The victim of the stabbing (non-life threatening)  advised the stabbing happened at 1005 Hess Court and she was stabbed by another female.  The victim of the stabbing was in possession of an empty bottle of OC.

Both parties gave conflicting stories as to what happened and where it occurred.  Officers are still investigating and will review this case with SAO.

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