Rockford Scanner™: Victim Beaten With A Baseball Bat in Machesney Park

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“The victim was simply protecting himself from 3 guys and a female that ran up on him in the back yard. The victim got hit in the head 4 times with a bat. Before he was able to protect himself. ”

One person was shot in the face, another person shot in the temple and at least one person beaten with a baseball bat.

WCSO said this was a simple battery call

Another person involved said: The girl that got a pellet in her face came to my house with her bf with a baseball bat and 2 other guys to beat up a guy that was at my house. Her boyfriend hit my friend in the head 4 times with a bat then tried to run them over, so yes in self defense. He shot them with a pellet gun

Sources are reporting a victim was beaten with a bat in Machesney Park.

The victim was at an address in the 700 block of Kingsley Drive in Machesney Park.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.

Unknown if it is related, but there is another victim on Ramona Terrace as well.

Still developing.

From the victims mother said: “This started when the alleged victim was stalking and stopped at the girls house that was shot .. for unknown reasons started a confrontation with the true victim. After the bf had asked him to stay away.. a gun was displayed and knowing the man is a felon a fight occured. Witness have said the man was in the street shooting people”

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