Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Numerous Police Working A Scene On The West Side, Possible Robbery

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On 01/07/2019 at 1819 hours, Rockford Police responded to 1502 Kilburn Avenue, Rockford, (KFC) in reference to an Attempted Armed Robbery.

Officers met with employees at KFC who advised that a unknown black male suspect entered the business and announced an armed robbery, while the suspect was brandishing a kitchen knife.

The suspect demanded the employees open the cash register but they did not. The suspect tried to open the cash register but was unsuccessful.

The employees were able to make the suspect leave the business without taking any money from the register. The suspect was last seen northbound from the business on foot. A search of he immediate area for the suspect by officers was unsuccessful. This investigation is ongoing.

Several sources reporting numerous police officers working a scene on the West side.

Numerous police are working a scene near Kilburn, near Auburn.

Unknown what happened due to the encryption.

We been told it was another robbery, but we can not confirm it yet.

They are searching for suspects in the area, butagain unknown what the suspects descriptions are dueto the encryption.

RS fan sent us this: 8 squads went by our house tonight on kilburn just north of Auburn with just their lights on (no sirens) headed North on Kilburn. They were going up and down the streets with their lights shining towards people’s yard. Looked like they were looking for someone.

Smdh I really wish scanner feed was made available to the public. I have to drive home tonight from work in fear of what’s going on. I mean there seriously could be a mad man on the run and I have to go inside my home.

Luckily My husbands home and this is what he just text me. But Every night I make my husband wait for me outside in our garage just to insure my safety and the safety of our children.

We choose to live in the neighborhood we live in because its affordable. I cant see myself paying $1200 or more just to live on the east side.

Needed to vent for a min. Just was giving you guys a heads up. Alot of commotion going up and down Kilburn. THANK YOU for everything you guys do at the Rockford Scanner.

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