Rockford Scanner™: Happy New Year, Be Safe & Do NOT Drink & Drive

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What is your New Year Resolution?
What are your plans for tonight?

Good evening everyone.  In just a few hours, it will be officially 2019!

Hard to believe 2018 flew by so fast, and it is already 2019.

Many of you are planning to go out and celebrate and party. Please party responsibly.  Tonight is known as “amateur night” for obvious reasons. So PLEASE do not drink and drive.  The sheriff is doing the free ride home program this year, so call them up.  Or you have other alternatives such as Uber, Lyft, Lime Bikes, and the best one is a designated driver!  So there is no excuse for you to be out drinking and driving.

Please enjoy the night and have a lot of fun!

As you know, every year many gunshots go off at midnight.  So please use extreme caution if you are out tonight. Yes, before some start in, some may be fireworks as well. But as we all know from living here for years, most are gunshots.  I am sure the shotspotter detector will be going off like crazy around midnight.

Most years bring a lot of violent crimes on New Years.  I personally ask you, to please do not do anything stupid and to just kick back and relax and enjoy life.  Who really wants to spend the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 in jail or even worse?  So PLEASE,  be safe and enjoy life and have fun!

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