Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes into AA House, Possible Fatal Injuries

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Update: It appears the vehicle was traveling East on Constitution Place, when it failed to stop and crashed head on into the house at 3527 N Court st.

Multiple emergency personnel were on scene.  At least three ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Three confirmed injuries. Homeowners were in bed sleeping when the vehicle hit the house.

Preliminary reports are saying one possible fatal. Officials said alcohol and weather conditions may have played a factor in the accident.  Check back later for updates.

Just before 2 am this morning, several emergency personnel were responding to a possible fatal accident.

A vehicle crashed into a house in the 3500 block of N Court st in Rockford. Google maps shows that to be at W Riverside area.

A vehicle crashed into a house.  Driver is allegedly under the influence.

At least one person is injured and is possibly fatal injuries.

The vehicle has caught on fire.

Avoid the area. Still developing.

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