Rockford Scanner™: Cherryvale Mall Being Evacuated, Still Developing

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NOTE: Winnebago County Sheriff Office (Or any local police departments) RARELY releases any press releases, so do not expect an update on this story. Sorry, but this is what happens when they encrypted.

UPDATE: Business is back to normal according to some sources.  Sounds like it was a false fire alarm that triggered the evacuation. Employees are saying the mall is now back open and wanted to thank 1st responders for doing an amazing job.

Sources are reporting the Cherryvale Mall has been evacuated.

Numerous emergency personnel are on scene.

Source that was at the mall said: “Everyone just evacuated from CherryVale Mall due to an Emergency. Unknown as to the incident. Lights flashing all over the mall and loudspeaker announcing “Attention an emergency has occured in the mall please find the nearest exit and evacuate the mall.” Stores are getting everyone out and closing their store gates and locking them. People made to leave the mall.”

Some have even reported the mall being on lockdown.

It is not yet clear exactly what happened. All we can confirm is numerous emergency personnel are working a scene at the mall.

Still developing

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