Rockford Scanner™: Police Warn Citizens Of A Solicitor Problem In Roscoe

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NOTE: Winnebago County Sheriff Office (Or any local police departments) RARELY releases any press releases, so do not expect an update on this story. Sorry, but this is what happens when they encrypted.

On 12/19/18 around 4pm a black male (about 30 years old, 5’9″, 180lbs, short hair, dress shirt with vest, slack pants) driving a newer model black Dodge Charger (or similar model) with unknown registration was contacting residents in the 7300 block of Big Stone Circle attempting to sell insurance and becoming their financial consultant.

Solicitors in the Village of Roscoe are required to have a permit. If someone comes to your residence to solicit and you do not believe they have a permit from the Village Of Roscoe, please call the Roscoe Police Department at 815-623-7338.

See attached ordinance.

(A) Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to engage as a peddler, solicitor, or canvasser within the Village unless a license is first obtained therefor from the Village Clerk.
(B) Application; issuance. Each application for a license to engage as a peddler, solicitor, or canvasser shall be made on a form to be provided by the Village Clerk. The applicant shall certify that he or she or his or her employees are in good standing and that there is no criminal issue existing that would disqualify them from holding this license.
(C) Criminal history verification. The license applicant shall provide to the Chief of Police, as part of the application, an original, fingerprint based, criminal history conviction report created by the Illinois State Police. The applicant shall be solely responsible for providing the required report, and shall provide to the Chief of Police a report for the applicant.
(D) Grounds for denial. Any falsification of information by an applicant for any license within the purview of this section shall be prima facie reason for the denial of the license.
(E) Contents. Each license issued pursuant to this section shall bear an identifying number and shall reflect t he exact and inclusive dates of the licensed activity.
(F) Fees. The fee for each license to engage as a peddler, solicitor, or canvasser shall be $25 for a license, which shall be valid for a period of 5 consecutive days, or fraction thereof. A fee of $5 shall be paid for each additional day, which exceeds the 5-day period that the activity is conducted within the Village. The maximum fee paid each calendar year for each licensee under this section shall be $200 per calendar year, and there shall be no maximum number of days per calendar year that a licensee may receive a license under the provisions of this section.
(G) Possession. Each peddler, solicitor, or canvasser shall have in his or her possession the license issued to him or her pursuant to this section during the hours that he or she is engaged in that activity.
(Prior Code, § 7-54) (Am. Ord. 2006-59, passed 12-7-2006; Am. Ord. 2010-80, passed 8-5-2010; Am. Ord. 2014-44, passed 9-4-2014) Pen alty, see § 10.99


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