Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Armed Robberies Being Reported in Rockford Tonight.

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NOTE: Winnebago County Sheriff Office (Or any local police departments) RARELY releases any press releases, so do not expect an update on this story. Sorry, but this is what happens when they encrypted.

We are getting several reports of numerous armed robberies in Rockford tonight.

We can confirm one armed robbery on Benton st.

Suspects are described as 4 suspects. 2 black males and 2 white females.

One of the males is 6’3 160 lbs, shoulder length dreads, black rifle. Another male is described as 6’4 150 lbs.

Fled in a Black Malibu.

We have gotten several reports they are allegedly involved in several armed robberies tonight in Rockford.

Other locations of alleged robberies from sources (Unconfirmed due to encryption):

  • Dollar General on Charles, (Battery victim confirmed)
  • Walgreens on Charles,
  • 18th st,
  • 11th st,
  • Reed ave,
  • School st,
  • Jackson st,
  • Winnebago

As you know, police are encrypted and have yet to release information.

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