Rockford Scanner™: Shoveling Your Sidewalk Will Literally Save A Life

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We have gotten several reports of citizens having to walk in the roadways, because of the un-plowed sidewalks.

According to the city of Rockford, it is up to the citizens and businesses to plow/shovel the sidewalks.

So please take a few minutes and shovel your sidewalks, it will literally SAVE A LIFE!

Street Section Supervisor – (779) 348-7260

  • The City is responsible for ice and snow control on City streets.
  • Residents are responsible for their sidewalks and alleys.
  • Neither snow nor ice from sidewalks or private property shall be deposited in the street or piled so high as to obstruct motorists’ view.
  • Where ice cannot be removed, the business shall use sand, salt, or other suitable substance that will prevent the ice from being dangerous.

Amy said this: 11th st bridge between 7th and 6th ave kids are in the road ways this needs shoveled but the plows have plowed it in …needs a bobcat…also where the train tracks are on woodruff bad to put kids in the road