Rockford Scanner™: Man Arrested In The Vent Of A Business, After Burglarizing It

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After a few break-ins over at Piggly Wiggly, we’ve been working with the store to get additional security measures in place. As part of that security measure, one of our sergeants was able to spot a burglary in progress at the store last night just after 11 p.m.

Officers responded and cleared the building with the assistance of a Rock County K-9. After the building was cleared, officers located the suspect hiding in a vent on the roof. The suspect, Jeffrey M. Taylor, 37, of Janesville, was taken into custody for the burglary. He is also being arrested for burglaries at Piggly Wiggly reported on three other occasions: Nov. 6, Nov. 22, and Nov. 26.

Taylor was also arrested for bail jumping as he was on a $500 cash bond in a prior burglary charge.

Great job by patrol, who worked diligently to bring this suspect into custody