Rockford Scanner™: Police Conduct Traffic Patrol, 608 Pounds of Cannabis Seized

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Criminal Patrol Operations Provide Additional Troopers to Assist with Traffic Safety

Illinois State Police (ISP) announces the results of last week’s criminal patrol detail on Interstates 80 and 90. Criminal patrol operations are aimed at safeguarding the public by increasing highway safety and reducing criminal activity on Illinois Interstates. During last week’s detail, 21 ISP Troopers participated and were joined by two Troopers from the Louisiana State Police. Troopers initiated traffic stops which led to 10 significant seizures resulting in 19 felony criminal arrests.

Below are the enforcement numbers from the operation on November 12-15, 2018.
Written Warnings Issued 225
Citations Issued 16
Motor Carrier Safety Inspections 23
Motorist Assists 6
Criminal Arrests 19
Illegal Firearms Seized 1
Cannabis Seized 608 Pounds
Cocaine Seized 31 Pounds

Operations such as these are completed by the statewide Criminal Patrol Team (CRIMPAT) and assisted by district Troopers. The statewide CRIMPAT team is comprised of 10 officers, three of which are canine officers. CRIMPAT officers are responsible for training other officers in successful criminal patrol tactics and practices. CRIMPAT officers have trained not only ISP personnel, but also officers from local police departments and county Sheriff’s offices. CRIMPAT officers have also trained officers from Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Louisiana. Since the program’s inception in September 2016, CRIMPAT officers have generated the following enforcement numbers.

Officers Trained (Classroom) 646
Officers Trained (One-on-One) 222
Written Warnings Issued 4,847
Citations Issued 229
Motor Carrier Safety Inspections 678
Criminal Arrests 350
Illegal Firearms Seized 16
Vehicles Seized 44
Cannabis Seized 6,185 Pounds
Cocaine Seized 295 Pounds
Heroin/Fentanyl Seized 292 Pounds
Methamphetamine Seized 127 Pounds

“Criminals use drugs, guns, and money to fuel violence in our cities and on our roadways,” said ISP Director Leo P. Schmitz. “I’m proud of the hard working men and women of the ISP for their unyielding effort to stop these criminals in their tracks.”

Sixty-seven pounds of cannabis seized during a CRIMPAT traffic stop on I-80 during the November 2018 detail. The cannabis was transported in a false compartment in the floor of the van with the van located on the semi-trailer.