Rockford Scanner®: 2 Package Thieves Arrested & Released

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Yesterday we had a call of a package thief in the area of the 600 block of Park. Two very vigilant people noticed a young woman and a couple of guys taking a package off of a porch and run away with it. One of the vigilant neighbors got out her phone and shot multiple pictures of the subjects, while the other (who was in a car) followed the bandits. Later, the witness returned and told us that it seemed out of the ordinary that someone would be running with a package, because normally people wouldn’t run with them. Seemed super logical, and she was totally right.

This witness saw the subjects run into a house. She provided a perfect description and we were able to make contact with, and arrest 2 subjects from the house. The property was recovered, and returned to the rightful owner.

This case is a perfect example of how you all know what looks out of place in your own neighborhood. Good people did the right thing and called us, and we were able to go and catch the bad guys. That is perfect partnership, and we rely on you all for that.

With the holiday season upon us, lots of packages will be delivered. Please look out for one another. Most of the delivery services have alerts that you can get for when your package is delivered. That is a good idea. Certainly the camera systems work well, and good ol’ fashion looking out for each other works amazing.

Both of the suspects in this case were arrested for Theft and were released.

Neither had considered that they might have stolen someone’s Christmas gift, or even more importantly critical medicine that some folks have delivered.

We also informed them that they were clearly terrible criminals as they were not only followed by our awesome citizens, but we also had pictures of them being terrible criminals.

Be safe and be vigilant
Sergeant Flanagan


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